Saturday, August 18, 2012

Voice of Experience

Alan, a 'Dunes-er' from the UK sent this commentary from his life with C. after 50 years.  It's loving, direct and simple, speaking so much depth and wisdom. . . .and "Oh so do-able!"  Thanks, Alan.

I invite all of you to share, like this, from your "experience, strength and hope".  You'd help all of us in our growing in love and life.

  I read with interest your two articles on what makes a long term relationship.  After 50 years I think I can start to answer this. 
   The secret of a long-term relationship is to accept that lust to love.  Love turns to understanding of one another's faults, learning to live not in one another's pocket but as part of one another.  Having diverse but similar interests, and talking.
   Also, learn one word - "SORRY". . .and, if you use it, mean it!.
   We are all with faults and must accept that no one is perfect, including ourselves.  Enjoy life and enjoy one another, be it when you are twenty or seventy. That morning kiss and hug at night says it all. . .
   We no longer sleep together or even share a bedroom, but that is because as you get older you change, love though does not.  I thought when C said he would prefer to sleep alone that this was rejection.  It was not.  It was progression
and we are both now happy with this.
   Long life and happiness to you and Peter. Don't expect Mr. Perfect; he does not exist, but Mr. Wonderful does.
~~~ Alan


Coop said...

My Grandparents slept in separate rooms. Snoring, plain and simple.
Grandma was an expert, so I hear.


Justin, the picture of two guys in a jeep(I think it looks like a jeep) might be you and Peter. Most
likely am wrong. If it is it would
be that beautiful Hands in the shape of a heart.......

JustinO'Shea said...

hehe. . .thanks, JOE, but that is not of me and Peter. . .for one I don't have those biceps and shoulders. . Peter is closer, tho. . but it is not of us. ;-)