Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the Tubeless Wonder

Here is the NEWS. . . . .from the Land of OZ. . .

G'day JustinO,

Today, 6 months after having a food tube inserted into my stomach, the tube was removed. And not all that delicately! Basically, they fed me some kinda giggle juice that sent me to sleep and then yanked it out. But I didn't feel a thing. When the docs and a nurse, came to my bed and said it was out, I didn't believe them and had to look down to check. All that remains is a small bandage with a spot of blood.

By early afternoon I was tucking a sandwich, creme caramel, and other goodies... and have since had dinner.

So there ya go... no more tube. Now I can jump back into my Speedos (that's if I can remember where I put 'em... memory's not what it used to be ya know...)



JustinO'Shea said...

SIX..6 . . months already. . .half a year ! Gawd, time goes fast when yer having fun, and even when yer not!;-)

Kudos to you and . . .errr...also to the medical team for a work well done!

I have to say your equanimity -- published at least -- is highly commendable, Noble Sir. In all of these months you've always been in such good humor. . . or maybe your own natural retiscence [however that is spelled!] played a role in your narratives.

Glad you are able to enjoy. . .a wonderful state of being, indeed,.. IN JOY. . living in/with joy.

Wunderbar! Marvelous! Smashing!

Jim said...

Gary, happy for you! I love your food choices especially the Creme Caramel! Just what the doctor ordered!!


Gary, you mean that for the past
6 months you have been fed by a
feeding tube only. O MY GOD, I would had died, going through that
kind of hell. You never realize
how good life is until you hear
this truly sad part of getting well. Were you able to Drink fluids? You are a Saint in the
Book of Saints. The best of your
future eating days. I think I would bulk up from today on. LOL
I am really amazed at you Gary.

J said...

That's great news, Gary, but for the sake of your dignity, forget the speedos (unless you're visiting Greece and have plenty of back hair.)

Patrick said...

Congratulations Gary......any giggle juice left:)?

GreginAdelaide said...

Good on ya mate! You bloody bottler!

(yep, we're Aussies)

Gary Kelly said...

Oh dear... how am I gonna break the news to Rad that I'm not a saint? He'll be devestated. Sorry to say, Rad, that the tube became redundant about 2 months ago when I was no longer using it for food intake. I was hoping to have it removed then, but the doc insisted on waiting another 2 months.

Thanks for all the nice comments. And I think I'll heed J's advice about the Speedos hehe.

jimm said...

Terrific news! You're no longer tethered!

Gary Kelly said...

I was thinking about JustinO's comment re my equanimity and humor. May I say I have never made a conscious effort during all this cancer drama to do battle with negative thoughts. They just don't get a look in. I have a philosophy about negativity: Bugger Off!

Sure, it occurred to me from time to time that this could be the end of the road, but I figured that's gonna happen anyway so why worry about it?

Rather, my focus was and is on the things I wanna accomplish before my time's up. I'm not ready to pack the bags yet. There's way too much to do!

When I visited Sydney a while back and shot that video, I also had an appointment with the specialist mid afternoon. But that was secondary hehe. My mind was focused on the logistics and the various places I needed to go to get the best shots in the time allowed.

So, if I have some kinda secret technique for beating cancer, it's simply not to think about it. That's for the docs and the nurses to worry about. That's their job, not mine. I've got better things to occupy my time with. Yeah?

What it boils down to is having a goal; a purpose; a reason to get outta bed in the mornings. Life is a gift. Don't waste it. Use every precious moment to make your time here as worthwhile as possible.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

JustinO'Shea said...

Here ! Hear. . .for the Fat Lady !