Monday, August 27, 2012

Farewell, Summer. . .Farewell Provincetown

Well, for me, the inevitable has happened. . . I left HOME again, yesterday. . . and today I feel kinda sad.  There is a mystique about the Cape for natives and tourists. . . and there are many variations of the Mystique. .  .   .   .I packed up the car and headed out, and arrived at the University late afternoon. . . .and then, down the street, across the River, via the bridge, of course. . .lol. . .no flying,
and thru  the meadows and the beauty of away-from-the-ocean New England. . ."to Grandmother's Home we go. . .the Fit knows the way. . .along the meadows, then the tree-lined streets. . . and
Nous sommes ICI. . .we are HOME-away-from HOME. . . .

As usual my spry beautiful Grandma is out the door to welcome me in arms and a kiss on both cheeks. . . .and then, Peter appears, grinning from ear to ear, looking a bit still sleepy. . .and I AM HOME !

Here is the link to a page filled with tons of photos showing the Provincetown Mystique, the Cape Cod beauty. . . You have several options given at the top of the page: choose your pleasure.  The one
I recommend is the slideshow.  Just click it on, settle back and take it all in. . . .much, much to see. . . for almost as long as you'd like.
As you know, the slideshow will give you full-screen photos; all you have to do is enjoy.

Our little farewell to summer, taken  by the 'pros'.   I have much to do today, having waited till almost the very last minute before classes begin.  Stretch it all out, to the fullest and enjoy every bit. . .
that's the O'Shea style. . . . more later. . .. that's a threat. . .LOL

love and affection,


Coop said...

Left stuff until the very last minute? Isn't that procrastination?

JustinO'Shea said...

Exactly! The way we are. . . ;-)
Yepper. . .I did procrastinate. . . uhuh. MIBAD?

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . .yes, correctamente. . you describe the feelings well. . .;-)

GreginAdelaide said...

Leaving stuff till the last minute, that's my specialty. But rarely due to procrastination. Usually due to slackification.

My style?
I take care of things I need to do now, but the otehr stuff, the stuff that is a bit further out, well I tend to look at it and workd out what I will need to do so I can get it clear in my head , more or less then later, I do it, trouble is, it's usually much later, on the deadline.

It makes life interesting.

Ah, and on another point, Gary..... "mom"??? Surely not!
Are you catering for your US audience?
Here in Oz it is universally, as far as I'm aware, "mum"....tsk, tsk.

(but I've been wrong before)

Coop said...

I'm not so sure how I feel about anybody parody-ing Louis Tomlinson.
(he's a member of one direction, ya-know).

I won't be watching the demorepublocratican convention. Swarming politicians vocalizing and showing off.... that's not my area of research.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it's mum in Oz. So explain to me how you get mum out of mother and I'll stop using mom.

And another thing... if you can get mum from mother, why not dud from father?


American spelling is far more sensibiler.

GreginAdelaide said...

Ha! Nice try Gary, but tell me how wwe get "dad" out of father?
And if you are a kiwi, it's either "did" or if you are a pom from a particular area you'd say "dud".... kinda like the mom/mum thing.

Anyhow, who in Oz pronounces mother with the "o" anyway? It always sounds like "muther" anyway, so no wonder we call her mum and the American's call her mom.

Language, who cares in the end, as long as we all understand each other.

(but seriously, where did "dad" come from? I should Goggle it I guess....)