Monday, December 12, 2011

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Goodbye Rick Perry

COMMENTARY | For those of us who already had a poor opinion of Rick Perry, he has now surpassed our expectations. The video advertisement he or some equally inept scriptwriter crafted is puzzling at best. The ad, currently running in Iowa, states he is a Christian, gays should not be openly in the military and children should be allowed to celebrate Christmas in schools. 

What does having gay people in the military have to do with Christmas? What does attacking gay people accomplish? What does any of this have to do with being a Christian? I wonder how many kind, compassionate, humanitarian Christians do not choose to keep company with Rick Perry?
How did he even get this far?

I think it's safe to say that this desperate attempt to do whatever it is that he's trying to do has placed him squarely out of the running.

All over the Internet criticism and ridicule are appearing, including a hilarious spoof by Stephen Colbert on his show Thursday night. He highlights the fact Perry's statements have nothing logical to do with each other.

That Perry would air such an ad over the objections of at least one of the wiser members of his campaign staff just shows that he doesn't think about things before he does them, any more than he thinks about his platform before he tries to talk about it. "Oops" again. Perry's top pollster called it "nuts," according to the Huffington Post.

I agree with the San Francisco Chronicle politics blog that he has failed the fundamental test of character, and the comments on that blog show a lot of upset people. I was amused at first because it is just too funny, or would be if it were not so hateful. The hateful part is upsetting.
What was he thinking? 

Actually, I have to hand it to him for publicly taking a stand on something. The problem is that it was out of context. The military is an institution of adults serving to protect our nation, it is not an educational institution. Schools and the military have nothing to do with each other. Saying that children don't celebrate Christmas at school is also simply untrue. My kids go to school and Christmas is very obvious, as is Hanukah, and anything else people want to celebrate at this time of year. 

Well Rick, it was a good run. I'd say see you next time, but I doubt it.


J said...

I told you he was a big wind from the Texas steppes. Isn't it abundantly clear now that the wind is howling through his braincase?

Stew said...

He also comments as Bachmann has too that kids can't pray in school. That too is untrue. You can pray anywhere you like in America. Laws only state that the teachers can't lead a prayer. Kids and everyone else are free to pray wherever they desire.
It's said but true that there are many people across America that see nothing wrong with this ad. As long as you say that you are Christian, anything can follow.

Jim said...

Guess he had his 15 minutes of 'fame'! Whew!

Gary Kelly said...

Stew hit the nail on the head:

As long as you say that you are Christian, anything can follow.

gp said...

It speaks volumes about the Republicans that their heroes during this dreary pre-primary season have been Bachmann, Trump, Perry, Cain and now Gingrich. Instead of profiles in courage, they seek profiles in mendacity.

Coop said...

Perry gets a lot of space on the Dunes. As for the rest of the Republican candidates... well... the party is it's own worst enemy.
Too much time trying to find the candidate who has vestal ideological purity. Not enough time talking to the swing voters who will actually decide the primary and the election. Complete bullshit. Thanks be to God that Ron Paul is on the ballot.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper. . .he does. . .and for good reason. Have you caught it yet? ;-))

Coop said...

The reason why Rick Perry gets so much space on the Dunes? Yup, he's anti-gay.

JustinO'Shea said...

Likewise Michele Bachman, Rick Santorum. . . .others??? ;-)))

Coop said...

Bachman and Santorum, yes... they are also anti gay.
what "others" are you referring to.

JustinO'Shea said...

"others"? = short for the fuller question. . .Are there others besides Perry, Santorum, Bachmann?

There must be. . .these are Republican candidates . . .right? And can I say No Republican is pro-gay? They do not vote for / support Ms Clinton et al in saying "Gay rights are Human Rights".

But wait ! Log Cabin Republicans are pro-gay. . .correctamente?

My poor brain is all -a-whirrrrr from recording and posting grades. . .yeeeehaaaaaw. ;-)

gp said...

I'm quite sure you're right Justin. I don't think a single one of the republicans running for president supports equal marriage rights for same-sex couples or the repeal of the outrageous legislative bigotry called DOMA. I'd be very surprised if there are 5 republicans (out of the nearly 300) in the entire US Congress who don't insist that gay Americans should continue to be treated as second-class citizens and/or as less than human beings.

Coop said...

The log cabin Republicans? Tuh!
I have no use for them. A small group inside a party that is hostile to them. I'm sure some men enjoy being a whipping boy but I'm not one of them.