Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Also from Gary. . . .

Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2011 4:45 PM
Subject: From outside the ALP National Conference.

Dear Gary,

I’m writing to you from the Sydney Convention Centre, having just watched a 10,000-strong crowd converge on the Labor Party National Conference to demand marriage equality.

It was an incredible moment.

As the crowd rolled in, ALP delegates to the Conference voted in favour of a platform change proposed by Rainbow Labor. Now, for the first time, Labor party policy supports full marriage equality. The crowd went wild – thanking both grassroots campaigners like you and those brave individuals who have fought for this change from within.

Today’s change sends a message to all gay and lesbian Australians that finally our nation’s governing party considers their love and relationships equal.

But while today shows Australians have removed discrimination from their hearts, we cannot rest until we also remove it from our laws.

That’s why our focus now turns to the each and every MP in Parliament. Within months they will be debating whether or not to end marriage discrimination and when the legislation is introduced, the ALP will be allowed to vote with their conscience. We look to Tony Abbott’s Coalition to do the same. Many Liberal MPs believe that it’s not for the Government to limit the freedom of Australian adults to marry the one they love and our challenge is to make this a majority view.

Respected gay rights campaigner Rodney Croome told today’s crowd how, in his home state of Tasmania, his love was illegal until a few short years ago when homosexuality was decriminalised. He told the crowd that the impossible happened when these discriminatory laws were overturned, and Tasmania became the first state of Australia to support marriage equality.

The impossible can happen again. Together, let’s continue the fight.

Here’s a quick photo we took from the stage as the crowd rolled in, but be sure to tune in to the news tonight to see the coverage of this massive rally and momentous occasion.

To the 10,000 who gathered in Sydney today, to the 150,000 who have signed our petition for change, to the 3 million people who’ve viewed and shared our TV ads online and to all who’ve been a part of this campaign: thank you.

Here’s to our continuing fight for equality,

Paul, for the GetUp team.

PS– to chip in to the continuing campaign to end marriage discrimination, click here.
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Gary Kelly said...

I was just wondering if you were responsible for decorating the Christmas tree in the pic, JustinO.

JustinO'Shea said...

YES, Gary. . Leave it to you to connect/detect the author!!!. After hours of creative thought and sifting thru ideas and all, it hit me. . .HO. . .Ho. . .HO. . . quelle beaute'! L'elegance ! Simplicite'!
C'est vraiment marveilleuse. . . n'est-ce pas?