Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blogger          Commenting on an article posted showing a young man raised by two lesbian mothers
           GARY made this comment:
           <<  The only thing that surprises me about that young man's situation is that it need to
            be explained to supposedly intelligent, mature adults.  >>


Look what we are up against. These ordinary, educated, upright and moral christians, nominally for the greater part, at least here in the USA, and arising from many many splinter groups of all kinds. . including the so-called mainline churches. .have all been very well educated on the finer points of religious and biblical discriminatory attitudes. . .and a kind of tolerance only for those who happen to agree with and believe as they do. Just look at the variety of backgrounds among gay people here, who contribute to this Blog.

And just like the rest of humanity we gays too have our own brand of reactionary intolerance and discriminatory practice not only toward "them outsiders" but also for gays and lesbians who dare to be different from us who think of ourselves as "mainliners" and authorities on being gay.

From the numbers who read this blog every day. . . .according to the stats recorded. . .very few say anything or in any way reveal their presence on the Dunes. But I know you are there. . and I wonder why you never share your ideas and thoughts with the few of us who post. . . because you must have ideas which differ or are the same as some others. . .it can't be that every article or comment I post or others write in are so irrelevant as not to warrant anything. . .any kind of agreement or comment, or question or. . .. . whatever. . .

This is not my campaign to foster numbers. Trust me. But I am always hoping to read other and different ideas and stuff. The one thing I hope to gain from this blog and my efforts is k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e...of you, from you. . . "Reach out and touch someone. . "

Anyway, back to my beginning comment to Gary. . .do you think we gays sometimes ourselves, without intending it, really contribute to the continuing ignorance of the general populace that we still need to have people like Zack and others get up and TEACH them something. . .publicly question their mean stupidity and fake-religious intolerance "in the name of God". Think of the stuff that gets passed off as the "will of God" and are done and supported in the name of God. . just think. .

I believe in God and am a member of a pretty intolerant church --sorry, it is. But I also picture in my heart an image of God whose reaction to all the mean intolerance is a sad "Don't blame me. . t'was never any of My doing. . " as God sadly washes his hands of all of our silly mean pettiness.

What does the so-called "gay community" do about it? Ignoring and avoiding them does not change a damned thing.
- - justin o'shea
December 1, 2011 3:58 PM



Justin, the people are the same any
where you go. It is sort of like
racial tolerance. If it does not affect them, why bother. My Radicaljoe Blog has quite a few hits, for as radical as I am, but
never a comment. No one wants to take the time. I am not educated, just the first year of college, but you must understand that everybody lets the next person say
what they want, and then they gripe
to everybody why this wasn't the way it should be. I run a seniors
group at my church, and they all come and say they want this and that, and when it comes to actually
doing this or that they all come up
with every excuse you can find.
So call it human nature, but Justin Bieber draws larger crowds than Jesus Christ would. What a
bunch of Hypocrites we all must be.

JustinO'Shea said...

Justin Beiber vs Jesus Christ. . . I doubt Beiber would draw the bigger crowd. . . .or are we really that shallow? hmmmmmm

Gary Kelly said...

Beiber shows up in person. If Jesus showed up in person, I know who would draw the bigger crowd. Hehe.

JustinO'Shea said...



You didn't give an Answer.............

Gary Kelly said...

I think it's obvious but I'll give you a hint. He's 33 and wears sandals.

JustinO'Shea said...

ma foi!!!
I am 23 and I wear sandals. . . sometimes. . .;-)

GreginAdelaide said...

10 more years Justin

J said...

Is a messaniac complex developing here, professor?

JustinO'Shea said...

OH I hope not ! I think not!
I do not suffer from identity crisis. . . no mistaking who I am. . hahahaa

I was just trying to be smartass. . age and sandals.

I apologize. hahahaaa