Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday "Dumb. . . .Dumber. . . .Dumbest. . ."

Minnesota Archbishop wants Catholics to recite prayer opposing gay marriage

Isn't this is  direct violation of religion tax exempt status?
Seems to me it is. . . .  justin 




Justin, this is funny. Archbishop wants to turn this into a prayerfest, I think to make him look good. I thought Minnesota was a liberal state and they were free thinkers. The Holiess of all
mankind are trying to change what God has put together. Oh so now everyone is throwing their stone at
us Gays. I thought according to the Bible, that we can loose all friends and God is the only one left to Love us Always, no matter what??????????????

J said...

No. He's telling them to pray, not overtly leading a lobbying effort. The churches set up secular lobbying entitles to handle the grubby business of twisting legislative arms, and contributions to those missions are not tax deductible. There's probably a small army of Jesuit tax lawyers advising them.

JustinO'Shea said...

WHOOAAAA there, JOE. . .correct me if wrong but it sounds to me you are suggesting that GOD has stopped loving gays? Izzat so?

If it looks like that to you, hold on, Uncle JOE. . .That archbishop is NOT God, thank you very much. The Catholic Church is not GOD either!

The archbishops and lots of others may not love gays. . .that is their problem. That does not mean that God who created us and called into being, who give his word "I have loved you with an everlasting love.". . .has stopped loving us! Not at all.

Do not make the sorry mistake of confusing unloving christians with GOD. I really believe that GOD. . in God's own good time. . .will make this very clear to the Archbishop in MN. . .God has a way of doing things like that. . The Bible says it this way "The crushed weed He does not break. . " but rather picks it up tenderly like a mother picks up her crying child and kisses away the booboos. .. that is the God of Jesus, the God of the Bible.

JOE, God always loves us, no matter what. Human beings sometimes get things mixed up. . .for a while. . but GOD takes care of stuff. . .you'll see. ;-)


JustinO'Shea said...

Jesuits advising them? I rather doubt that. That is not the direction of the S.J.s of today. . .at least the ones I know.

I don't suppose you're read a copy of AMERICA magazine. . .the Jesuit publication. . .? Wish I had the online references to give you for the various statements and position papers they have published in the past few years.

They sing a different tune than the Hierach of Minneapolis-St.Paul.


I know that God Loves us to no end,that Gays are much loved for their Good and Loving Lives. (I can't say 100%).
It seems to me to make my thought a little better, is that when we lose our friends and loves(they throw us away) in our lifetime, that God never stops Loving any us humans beings. He is to Perfect to throw anyone away. I prob messed up mine and your thoughts. I hope that I haven't gone to far off the deep end. Old Old Joe..

Gary Kelly said...

Same old story... both sides claiming support from God.

Jim said...

I would LOVE to see the day that the Jesuits 'took over' the administration of the RC Church. I was taught by them at St.Mary's University here in Halifax and let me tell you that they were the best profs I had. And they challenged us to question.....everything.

Coop said...

I won't recite the prayer. Don't worry :)

If the Benedictines ran the Catholic Church (along side the Jesuits, one M Jim ;) )... what a nice thing that would be.

gp said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much (as usual); does this bishop set off anyone's gaydar besides mine?