Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The other day I was having a "chin wag" with one of my hot Aussie mates and was telling him that I had a feeling Peter would be calling. . . No more got that out of my mouth and the phone rang. . . .It was PETER!

Talk about minds in synch! Peter was wondering if I'd be able to make it home this weekend. . . . .just to hang out, check out the 'sites' and 'sights', see who else was home, and all the nice private stuff we enjoy.

So of course I am going, getting out of here as early as I decently can. LOL Our morning snow has all melted, sun was just out. . . flirting and teasing us. . . hehehe
Weekend promises to be very good.

Peter works in the family businesses. . . the fishing boat and The Portuguese Bakery in Provincetown. . . . .so my man is a Fisher and a Baker. . .a walker and a talker. . . and a candle-stick maker. . . . .among other talents. hehe This weekend he if off from everthing. . . .No 4 a.m. open-up-bakery shift. . . that is a bummer to a Friday or Saturday night. . . NONE of that this weekend.

Very likely for Friday supper we will eat at one of the popular eateries "with excellent food and casual scene."
Many buy the seafood fresh from the DaSilva Brothers. . . (one of the brothers is Peter's dad. . . ) old family business started by GrandFather Domenico who still is the patriach of the family. Grampa likes me. . . .well, they all do. . .or do a great job "pretending". . LOL No pretence, that's for sure. With the DaSilvas you know right up front where you stand. A large, open family who aren't afraid to hug you and kiss you on the cheek. . . NICE.

One night I was invited to supper with all the family. . ..don't need an occasion: that you're hungry is reason enough. . . .as Mama says, "If you're hungry, you're family. All it takes!" Anyway I was sitting next to Grampa Dom and we were just jawwing. . . .aka talkin'. . . he leans a bit closer and says "Who you love is not the important thing, but that you love. . .that is essential. . .!" Grampa was talking about Peter and me. We'd been dating a couple months. I think then.

Mealtime we never go hungry, at either of our homes. And for supper we usually have "The Usual" -- cod and french fries. . in this case sweet potato fries. . . We burn off the calories. . . .LOL Afterwards we prolly will check out Commercial Street . . . for a while. . . and then head home.


Jabacue said...

One of our fav places to holiday! Thanks for the 'eatery' suggestion. Have already visited the bakery.
Your families sound very fortunate for you both.

JustinO'Shea said...

I agree, Jabacue: we both are fortunate.
If you are interested in back reading there is lot about my family, coming OUT, etc in my bio in 2009. . in July and later. . .bio parts 1&2.

Mom and Dad are very supportive and open to all of this. . .as I say so often. . .hesitate lest I repeat myself too often. . . lol. . .with same ole same ole. . .