Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"All you need to do is be sure you have all the legal documents in order. . .etc". to protect yourselves as gay couples where same sex relationships are not honored and respected.


Read the atrocities committed against these senior gays. Then BE SURE you at least have the legally signed documents they may require and be sure you have someone with enough hutzpah to see these are enforced.

Read and weep. . .then get pissed as hell!




Anonymous said...

What year is this?
How can this happen?
I find it unbelievable and extremely disconcerting.

It is hard to imagine in this day and age that basic human rights were ignored, let alone the gay issue.
How can a country, a world, that has achieved so much continue to get things so wrong!

I don't usually get stirred up by such things cos they happen 'somewhere else'. But when you think of ALL the people that MUST have known what was going on and turned a blind eye and did not speak out against it.....that is what is so scary.

Yes, there are stupid dumb people out there that have prejudices but I'd always hoped that for every one of them there are enough sane and right thinking people out there to counteract them, on the whole.

Now I am not so sure, and more than a little unsettled.

I need to think on this some more...and yes, I am mad, I think, but more perplexed and surprised at the moment, I just hope the old gentleman lives long enough for the legal machinations to be completed and perhaps gain some small satisfaction ....

Greg in Adelaide (and I hope like hell that something like that could not happen here)

Stew said...

This is why we keep fighting.

Myself, I am married under Canadian law, but would be in a similar situation in Michigan where I live. It's expensive and exaustive to make sure that all the documents are in order to simply get what everyone else gets for simply saying "I do".

A friend's brother is a senator here and is strictly against gay rights. We've gone round and round about it. Hopefully, we can get him out of office if we can't change his mind. Meanwhile, my 94 year old uncle is an ex-senator from another state and he's been fighting for gay rights since the 70's. A little backward isn't it.

JustinO'Shea said...

I couldn't agree more! Incredible. . like so many other things in our society. . .I cannot fathom. . .and in most cases I refuse to fathom such stupidity and meanness!

I'd really find it very difficult to forgive such people. In ethics this is called 'culpable ignorance'for which one can be pusished.: you should know better but you didn't!

These are felonies. . . .

Where is a good lawyer when you need him/her???? J. .. ?

This morning I watched the clip with Charlie Gibson and the author of the book on gay history. . and the beginnings of "civil tolerance" . I guess there has been progress. . .but, reading this article I want to say NOT AT ALL.

Question for each of you individ - ually: how free to be truly you are you today?

Or do we settle in "to live lives of quiet desperation"? [I forget, if I ever knew, where this phrase comes from. . .]


Anonymous said...

This stuff is ridiculous. I'm guessing this couple didn't have the right proxies to make healthcare decisions for one another. It's a power of attorney something or other. I hear that even those don't get due respect.
I can't imagine having to remember to have it on me 24/7/365.
Nobody should have to live like that. If someone is unattached ... why enter a committed loving relationship only to be met with Buffalo shit if something should go wrong?? Including 'simple stuff' like broken bones.

The Sonoma County officials were Greedy.