Tuesday, April 13, 2010


HEY BABES. . . .
Naaaaaw. . .not out on the fishing boat but I have been out. . .

I've been away for a few days. . .four of us from same small-work group flew to Tampa, FL. . .to University of Southern Florida for a conference. It was very good. Our self-selected work group is five gay guys and one very str8 guy, at his request we allowed him in. We began in senior year undergrad. . We are a very stable group. . .the original six are still together.

We have learned a lot from his being with us, and he also. Nice guy. Anyway, he was one of the four who went. . .and he and I shared a room. He kept pushing us to go to a gay club for an evening. . ..he felt free enough in Florida to do that. I said "On one condition, that you dance one dance with me!" we did. . . hell, we danced several. . ..he is a good 'follower'. . .hahahaha We threatened him with expulsion from the group if he went cruising and brought someone back to the room. . .hahahaaaa. . .he is a good sport.

We've all shared so much in our therapy group we know one another quite well. One thing we all learned: gay or str8. . pretty much we are the same, gay and str8.. . Basically,same issues, just a few differing circumstances, etc.

Weather was a welcome change. . .even though ours hasn't been all that bad. . .temps were upper 70s/low 80s on the Gulf. Very nice. Got in last evening. . .a tad cooler, heheh

So that's the current deal. . . .

huuuuaaaaahhhhhh! a la Al Pacino.. . .

justback. . . . .hehee


Jabacue said...

Hey, I was at a two day workshop as well.....but not in Florida! Nice! Your 'group' sounds great....what a learning experience for all of you. Now to get other str8's to learn that it is OK to know gay people.....they don't bite (all the time).

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeah, but a little bite now and then is soo hottttt! Don't you think? ;)
I guess I do tend to be rather oral and love to nibble. . . ..and so forth. LOL uuummmm

I've noticed since we've been back our str8boi is a tad tense around me. . .we shared a room in Florida, and danced a lot at the gay club. . maybe he let loose more than he is now comfortable with now. . . I don't know but I am curious. . .to see if he talks about his 'cutting loose' in Florida.
Also, I am the only one he danced with. . . guess he feels 'safe' with me. hahahaa. . . BUT if we didn't have the signed covenant to observe professional ethics among ourselves too. . ..literally means we do not hit on one another. . or make out. . From our professional work together we know way too much about each other that any 'advances' would be a breach of confidentiality. Our school of psychology is strict and insistent on our adhering to the ethics code. . . .
And were that NOT in place, he might not have been as safe with me after our evening out. . .who knows? hahahaaaa

Well, we shall see. . .I am not 'worried' just curious. . .since we were "very ethical". . .hahaha


Gary Kelly said...

There must be something seriously wrong with me. I've always preferred the company of straight guys because that meant - I - was safe. Gay guys always made me helluva nervous.

Anonymous said...

Justin, welcome back. Very good story and one which a lot of s8t guys can learn from. Ethics is very important and I respect you for ensuring that the group and your school ethics were not broken (that we know of) just kiding your far too much of a gentleman.
Be safe

Anonymous said...

Nervous!!!!... Mr Kelly?
Hmmm...damned interesting that.

I gotta say I've not been around many gay men, well, not that I was aware of, unfortunately.

Effeminates are not my first choice, I am straight acting and only out to a few friends...but there are no doubt many of them that have guessed..ha! But I have only ever actually told a very few people, and I'm comfortable with that. It is none of anybody's business who and what I am, it is personal and I choose to be open to those that I like (and love)

I've only ever had one openly gay effeminate friend, we certainly spent some quality time together for about a year, but as agreed, we did not mix with (m)any of my straight aquaintances and when we did, he was on his best behaviour...haha!

It was no big deal for either of us, he respected my life and I respected his, and we certainly did have some good times (snicker)

But, my first choice is a straight acting manly type, strong and not too loud, a thinker and a good lover (of course!)

Not that I'm a submissive type either, but I enjoy a partnership where both wear the pants.

Open displays of affection with my 'straight' partners have never been a problem for me, even with strangers around... not that I've ever had the partner that is real comfortable with that...but it has happened....and I always enjoyed gently teasing them about their uncomfortable reactions..hee hee!

Yup, strong straight acting types are my cuppa java!!!..and from Justin's descriptions, I reckon Peter would certainly be on my list....!!!!!!

Greg in Adelaide

Stew said...

Is it that the straight guy is acting differently or that you perceive him differently after spending such "gay" times with him?

It's good that anyone is willing to cross over and experience the other side. So often we have to pretend to be straight. It's always good to have a straight go othe other way. The trick is always to take sex out of the equation and just have fun.

Why do we always have to be "straight-acting"? Can't everyone just be yourself. I have to admit that I too "let loose" when in a different than normal setting. And if I lived in a bigger city, I would be SO gay. But, I am who I am right here. And I'm comfortable with that. I don't hide anything, but I'm not out parading down my street either.

Glad that you got away for a bit there Justino. Experience life all that you can.