Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday, around noontime, Mme Bouvier (my grandmother) and I set out for home on the Cape. As we came nearer Boston and then heading South the weather got cooler and cooler. We had left a sunny day and temps in the low 70*s behind us. ;-( Temps on the Cape, with the ocean breezes, are in the low 50*s. . . into the low 40*s at night. Brrrrrr. . ..

It is good to be home, with the O'Shea clan gathering to celebrate Easter together. We went to Holy Thursday Mass at St. Peter's in Provincetown, commemorating the Lord's Last Supper. Today, Good Friday we will attend the services at 3 o'clock remembering the death of Jesus on the Cross.

Friday night or Saturday my brother and his wife and two sons arrive. My sister and her son and daughter and my favorite brother-in-law (hahaaa.. .I have only ONE!) arrive on Saturday.
The kids call me "Unca Justi" from when they were quite young and so I remain Unca. . .hahaaaa

This morning I went for a walk along the beach below our home built high on the Dunes. . . .
This is a photo of the wrap-around porch on our home. . .where as a little kid I used to race
around on my three-wheeler. . . .;-)

It was great being down there on the beach, "away from it all". . .there
wasn't a soul in sight. . .no body either, hahahaa. . . I had the beach all to myself.. . .just the sound of the waves lapping on the beach. . .and the seagulls, of course, yelling at each other "Where's the food!?" Now and then one of them swoops closer to see if maybe I might be hauling a treasure of goodies to satisfy their endless appetites. No luck. We don't feed the gulls. . .don't want them camping out on our house with their runny droppings. Their hanging-out can ruin a place. . . .once you start feeding them, they reward you.

I didn't have a lot of time with Peter last evening: he had 4 a.m. open-up early shift at the bakery this morning. . .and I was tired from just being a student. . .LOL. . .and needed the sleep. It was good being in my own room, at home, sleeping in my own big bed. . .just all the security and memories and good feelings that go with a love-in place come out to greet and enfold me when I come home.

Peter is well and his usual hunky loving self. . .easy affection and comfortableness together. . . .all the sometimes imagined worries/fearing or wonderings just melt away with the warmth of his presence. He has that quiet way about him which just erases the questions and doubts. Being with him makes me aware, again, just how good it all is. . . and I am whole and alive, energized and at peace. . . A lot of the restlessness I have been feeling and whining about just ease away when we are together. . in the NOW. . . the present moment. . .no plans, stuff we have to DO. . .just being able to BE and it is good, very good indeed.

Later at 3 o'clock we will go to church for the Good Friday services remembering the death of Jesus. . . then family together for supper. . . and Peter will be with us, with me. Happily my kinda-uptight brother ( I say 'kinda' cuz he isn't still quite sure he is crazy about having a gay younger brother who has a boyfriend. . .LOL) does get aong very well with Peter who really is one of the family. My sister-in-law is okay with the whole scene. . . .and the boys. . .."well, this is just the way it is and it's fine and Peter is Unca Justi's good friend and one of us all" My sister has been super-cool with the whole gay thing from the beginning of my coming OUT. Their kids are like my brother's two: no big deal: this is just the way it is. Sweet.

So as noon-time approaches I realize I am hungry and my stomach is gurgling. . . .all the salty air and ocean and sand and dunes and . . .well, I am a "growing boy" still. . . ..and like the seagulls I want "Food. . .glorious foood. . . ." hehe

ciao, duuudes. .. ;)
~~~ justin


Phunk Factor said...

Awww cute!!! I hope your bro comes to term with Peter soon!!

Best of luck to both of you!! :D

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh, my brother likes Peter and they get along well. . . ..he just has some shadows of feelings. . . .nothing bad . . .HE has to live with them; he doesnt impose anything on us. LOL

Stew said...

The question is, How do you feel about having a straight older brother. And as for the seagalls, they are happy with McDonalds over in Hyannis. If they are like ours in Michigan, they love fries.

JustinO'Shea said...

How do I feel about having a straight brother?
Stew, that's the way he is! This is the way I am. He has the problem of living with the stereotypes society confects. . .hehe. . .I don't. Actually we get along very well and I think that was more of an issue for HIM when I first told the family.

See, he didnt have a clue. . he is 12 years older and didnt live at home during my growing out years. .so it just didn't compute for him. . "Justin? Gay?. . . .but. . .he dont look and act like that. . ." etc. . .
How he processed the idea of sexual activity I have no idea. . he never talked about it. hahahahaha Nor did I. I dont ask about his and his wife's sex life; why would he even be concerned with mine? None of his business. If he sits and ponders that....well it is his own imagination fantasy. . .and I doubt he worries about such things.

We get along well. . .and NO, he doesn't worry about his boys crawling all over me and on my bed.
He's cool. LOL

Stew said...

I know. I know. I'm just playing the bad guy.
Happy Easter.

J said...

Forty degrees on the Cape, but 80's in the sunny South. Definitely gin and tonic time.

Gary Kelly said...

J's got the right idea. A relationship with a gin and tonic is much simpler and less traumatic.

JustinO'Shea said...

But a relationship founded on and supported by gin and tonics in doomed.
Toxicity. . . .and alcohol is a toxic element. . .does not nurture a healthy relationship. It takes 30 days to clear the system of the effects of the last drink[s]. . .Too many "relationships" are the product of gonads and booze.

Gary Kelly said...

In that case, Jesus got it wrong and should have turned the wine into mineral water.

Coop said...

The seagulls on Reee-veee-ah Beach line up near the benches directly across from Kelly's roast beef.

I was a sadistic young punk once and dropped a fry over the side of the wall just to see what would happen.