Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday was Patriots Day in the Commonwealth, and the running of the Boston Marathon, the 26 miles from Hopkinton to Boston which has something to do with . .". .t'was the middle of April in [17]75 and hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous date and year of the midnight ride of Paul Revere . . ." Mr Revere was one among many of the Night Riders sounding the warning of the coming of the Crown, and the British Colonials stood to defy the Crown's army. . . "and then came the shot heard 'round the word' - "Fuck off, you Brits!"


I watched those Kenyans and their finely toned shiny bodies. . . and poor USA Ryan in #4. . . . there is always the thrill of the race. . .made me think of the thrill and excitement of the early morn start of a 60k (35 miles) marathon on 'skinny skis' running across meadows, on the narrow paths through forests, up and down hills, around curves, pushing to move ahead and out of the pack and into the more solitary race and ample space to breathe your frosty air.

I think every marathon has its Heartbreak Hill when you wonder if you are ever going to make it up and then you find yourself in the breakaway space heading toward the finsh. . . your body screaming and finding that burst of energy to make it. . . . the steam of your body wicking thru the thin layers and out your 'poured on' skin-suit. . . .the silent scream "I DID IT !" as you ski across the finish line and out of the way because you feel as tho your innards were going to puke out what is left of you. . . .but then someone presses a styrofoam cup of hot blueberry juice into your trembling hands . . . .it could have been the elixir of the gods as the replenishing minerals are absorbed into your depleted body.

My God, what a trip!



J said...

Great essay, Justin O'Shea!

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, J. . . ..see, i do listen. hahaaa


Stew said...

Good description of the feelings you experienced. I'm exausted just reading it.

JustinO'Shea said...

You know, sometimes I dream I am xc skiing. . .and the awesome wonder is I FEEL like I was actually skiing. . .the kick-off, the glide, the stride. At times I also feel the peace and exhilaration I've enjoyed on many occasions, especially when not marathoning. ;-)

And, trust me, you never forget the gruelling 35 miles marathon and the painful knots in my thigh muscles! Sorry to cause you such fatigue, Stew. hehehe