Sunday, November 1, 2009

Very cute Justin... I didn't even get scared once. But, I did expect it.

"J" - I love your observation of halloween. Maybe that's the real reason I'm not so fond of the holiday.... I'm not so fond of my family. And I've still got some Snicker bites left.

November 1, 2009

G'morning, guys. Welcome to you Rob in your comments. And Stew and J, too. . .always good stuff to share. ;-)
Strange, but as a kid I never felt comfortable with the 'trick or treat' thing. . and I was wondering about that, from the deep dark recesses of my childhood. hahaha

Stew, you mention a certain dis-ease aka 'out of sorts' with family. I don't feel that but there are 'attitudes' from family. . like with my dad we were never ever to be 'beggars': you need/want something: then work for it. Dad is very rootedly Boston Irish and the 'landed' O'Sheas from Ireland came to the US, to Boston, poor and driven out by the potato famine of the 1840s onward.

The 'brahmins' of Boston - the Cabots and Lodges. . "where the Cabots spoke only to the Lodges and the Lodges spoke only to God". .didnt want all these Cat'lic foreigner spoiling Puritan Boston. Irish Catholics couldn't find work. Job sites and store windows had signs "No Irish/Catholic need apply."

Southey heavy poor Irish beggars is now fashionable upscale South Boston by the Gays who moved in, bought up old brownstone houses and transformed the neighborhood. COOP knows what I am talking about here, right Coop?

That brooding old past, often not investigated, hung on in the psyche. Osheas didnt go begging candy from the neighbors, thank you very much, the O'Sheas threw the parties!

Grande MaMa Mme Bouvier, born at very French Quebec City, had her own mindset about how and what the children did and didn't do, what was correct and proper, etc. LOL

My brother is 12 years older, sister is 10yrs older than baby Justin! As teenagers they didn't want to cart baby Justin around. .and I don't blame them.

All this to say "trick or treat' I didn't. Later on though I did discover some tricks and treats on my own. . .LOL Living 20 miles or so south of Provincetown, dunes kids didnt go there nighttime. . .until later. . .

Party time in gay ole P'town can be raucous and crowded. There were very stong winds yesterday and the night before, so maybe that cut down on the costumes and revelry. . .they didnt want to get blown away. . .well, hehee, not that kind, anyway. Ooppss. .

So anyway, customs and holidays are all laced with past and present. . . gawwd, isn't that a profoundly pompous statement! LOL

November 1, 2009 5:47 AM



Gary Kelly said...

You have a very cheeky face, Mr O'Shea. I suspect there's an incorrigible scallywag lurking behind those "who me?" eyes.

JustinO'Shea said...

"You have a very cheeky face, Mr O'Shea. . . ."
I had no idea what this meant so i went to the dictionary. . .

impudent; insolent: a cheeky fellow; cheeky behavior.
Origin: impudent:

1 obsolete : lacking modesty
2 : marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others : insolent

— im·pu·dent·ly adverb
1855–60; cheek + -y 1

saucy, audacious, bold.

brash, nervy
= = = = =

This is horrific: "2 : marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others : insolent..."

I do not like this image of anyone.
If this is me. . .I am in the right place: psychotherapy! I can be changed.

"Who me???" duuuh


WoW, Mr Kelly, these are pejorative terms. Which of these did you have in mind. . .or do you think all of these apply?
How do you define "cheeky"?

Coop said...

Yup, I know what you're talking about... kind of...
I am an anglo/Irish mutt who became part Italian through osmosis, no thanks to Daddy Coop's old neighborhood near the Blue Line...
There was an article in the Phoenix a couple of weeks ago about the "Gays" who are transforming Southie.
I have precious little contact with Southie, despite being Catholic and at least part Irish.
Several college friends are Irish citizens of Dot and I think most of 'em were born in the Emerald Isle.

A cheek is a noun, you know, it can be kissed and/or found as a component of BOOTY.


Gary Kelly said...

Well, my neighbor has two gnomes in her garden, both of which are leprechauns, probably from the O'Shea family tree. When I saw your picture, I was immediately reminded of those leprechauns, and their cheeky faces. It's all in the eyes, Justin, and you can't hide it. You're stuck with it, I'm afraid, and that's that.

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, well, 'ipse dixit'. . Himself has spoken. . hmmmm. . which of the various definitions of cheeky apply to me?
SO I look like a gnome in a neighbor's yard, Leprechaun. no less, one of the "little people". . .aye and begorrah! So is it the saucy, audacious, cocky boldness that shows in my eyes? So there is no getting away from it. . . .lol

I bet that comes not from the Irish side of me, but rather the Gypsy forebears, a couple of whom were hanged as horse thieves!

SO I look like a gnome leprechaun who is a cheeky queer faerie. . . well it's true. . I've never just faded into the wallpaper and often stand out in a crowd. . .one way or another. . . after all I am incorrigeably cheeky! whooooaaaaah!

fun fun fun. . . as long as I m not rude and insensitive. . . I do LIKE to raise hell. . .properly..hahahaaaa

Thanks, Gary. . .you always provide me things to think about. You're an educator. . in the strict sence. . you draw things out of student; you make them think.

ciao ciao, bello. . .