Monday, November 30, 2009


Back to school. It was so good being home on the Cape these past nine days
or so. Good to away from classes and routine; just plain good to be with family: we had fun. And most especially good being with Peter.

We made time to be together and we talked about "matters of consequence". There were a couple of issues. . .one, really. . Peter and me..where we needed to talk things out, honest and simple. And so we did!
We made the time to listen with the ears of the heart. . . .to speak our truth with love.

One day we took a boat out, along the long the 'hand' to the end which is called Long Point. As we looked across the harbor at Provincetown we talked and let thinks sink in. . . .and realized, again, where there is love there is always an answer.

Again, "life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived". . .that a mystery - and is there any greater mystery than two guys loving each other? - gradually unfolds and reveals the beauty within. . . . and the unfolding takes time, patience, humor, work. . . and a willingness to wait for one another. . .

Thanksgiving this year had a new dimension to it for us. . .Peter and Justin.
God, I am grateful!

And I wanted to tell you this.




Coop said...

All this gushy lovey lovey stuff

Mike Connor said...

Hey Justin =) Uhm I'm kinda new here, but I know Gary Kelly and found this site by Theuglyducklingproject :) Which is an awesome project btw!

- Jeez, I guess I'm jealous :D? I'm not out yet. I have no clue how the hell I should ever tell my parents or friends. Especially 'cause my dad is quite homophobic. So well! Awesome site :D Sounds like a nice day =) It's great to have somebody you can share everything with, isn't it :)

Mike Connor said...
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Anonymous said...

So many things I could say in response to that post. None of them would do it justice.

I like your style.
You are a good person Justin.

Greg in Radelaide

Gary Kelly said...

Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.

So what's the difference between a problem to be solved and "issues" that need to be "talked out"?

And if life is a mystery to be lived, why do we place so much emphasis on demystifying our future by making plans and organizing things such as a career path?

Just wondering. :)

J said...

Sounds pretty serious. Does the mystery problem involve someone's relocation?

Stew said...

It is so nice to see a young person with such a good outlook.
You are going to have a wonderful life with a loving attitude like that. It's great you could work through lifes issues with Peter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

You have a great blog. Question for you-- Is it possible to be in love with someone and not have any sexual feelings for them? Thanks.

JustinO'Shea said...

Blogger Coop said...

All this gushy lovey lovey stuff

November 30, 2009 6:30 AM

Hey COOPs. . . BITE ME !

Somes are gushers. . somes are dribblers. . .hahahahahaa
Wait till it happens to you, Babes, you gonna gush and go gaga big time!!! A prophet here. LOL

Hope it happens to ya real soon! ;-))
love, justin

Coop said...

I don't bite :P ...