Sunday, November 1, 2009

hmmmm. . . .just observing. . . . and. . LOST

Hello. . . .I think I'd like a little color this morning. . . .so many of the leaves have fallen. With the winds the last couple days many of the trees are bare. . . anyway. .

I was just observing: open my blog and there is a lot of ME hitting you in the face. I felt a tad embarrasssed; just happened; no planning. I am still getting more familiar with blogging, formats, settings, etc. Lots to learn. Haven't paid much attention to this part of the game. lol. .

GARY and any of you OZ guys, anything from/about Shannon? I've had one email from him since the Silent Curtain fell. . . . .Any of you see him around in Sydney?
When I open his blog. . . .yes, I still do. . . makes me sad. . .not a word there since
Oct. 13. I MISS HIM. . .and I know I am not alone.

I jut assume Shannon is OK and things are cool. He is too resourceful to not be 'cool'. . . ;-) I wonder if he checks things out here, in the blogs. . . He was OK in his last email. . . I trust that continues.

There. I've said it 'out loud'. . . not just inside me. LOL

Thanks for letting me vent a bit. I didn't go home to the Cape this weekend. . . thought about it but didn't. Took time to think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings. . . .good for the heart. ;-)

Take good care everyone.



Gilbert said...

J, I have been wondering the same thing. Shannon has been very quiet of late. I found your place on the net because of Shannon. I do hope everything is well with him.

Happy November to you.


Gary Kelly said...

Just because a house is old and dilapidated, and needs a coat of paint, it's haunted, right? People are tempted to imagine all kinds of scenarios when they don't understand something, and seek an explanation.

The reason Shannon has not updated his blog for a few weeks will be revealed sooner or later. Speculation won't make any difference to whatever the real reason is. So... chill and be patient.

J said...

Nonetheless, Gary, if Shannon is really off on some mission I see no reason why he couldn't just say that he wouldn't be posting for a while. No explanation would be necessary. As it is, his readers are only human, and when they don't hear anything they worry that he's hospitalized somewhere, or worse.

JustinO'Shea said...

Whooooaaa. . .is Shannon obligated to tell us his personal business?

I asked only if anyone had heard anything or seen him around Sydney. And I miss his blog updates. ;-)

He is taking time for himself. S'all. So babe, if you read this, YOU GO GUY!!!


Coop said...

Keep YOU up there... :)

Jack Greenman said...

I just hope you're right Gary. I had that attitude the last time you went silent for a bit..

I don't know, we all get so involved in the web and we sometimes forget that unlike in our physical lives when someone goes quiet we can't just drive over and see if they lost their phone or internet for... can't pay the bill... what ever reason. It's bothersome when people go silent online, because you just Don't know, and we've grown so used to knowing.

I don't know. I hope he finds peace, or what he's looking for.