Friday, November 27, 2009

re: The Ugly Ducklings Project

Do you remember ever feeling you were the only one who felt the way you do? Do you ever wish there was someone you could talk to about your queer feelings? Did you ever feel like you would explode or implode if someway, somehow you didn't somehow deal with these gay feelings, this desire to love, do sex with another guy like you? And on and on. . .

We all know these feelings - well most of us do sometimes - and that there are guys "out there" (or "in here") who feel like this. As you may know Shannon Boh had set us a new blog to attempt to provide a safe space where guys can contribute their ideas, thoughts, hurts, desires, anxieties. . .

It's The Ugly Ducklings Project. .

I feel privileged that Shannon has asked me to assist him and you in this project, and has invited all of us to contribute, get involved, "share our experience, strength and hope". . . .Maybe you might post this addy on your blog or website, invite your friends to join in, or at least take a look at the site. . .at the grounding philosophy, and the beginning posts from your mates. ;-)

It's so very easy. . .
Why not just take a look?

Thanks. We all thank you.



Gary Kelly said...

You misled me on your uglyduckling post, Mr O'Shea. There were no giveaway ho ho hos or any of that other nonsense you carry on with. You had me hooked into believing that the article was written by an intelligent, knowledgeable and sensible person of considerable maturity.


JustinO'Shea said...

Your disparaging appraisal has been noted.

J said...

You and Shannon have a good concept, but it will be interesting to see how many join the gaggle. Even the ugliest duckling pretends to be a swan on the net.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, J, for your supportive comment. It will take time to catch on. . . Dont you think that in spite of all our real or imagine beauty. . hehee. . we all have our underneath/covered up blotches. . .and that usually these are more obvious to ourselves than to others?

While we are most often the best judges of what is going on deep within us, we aren't always that ready to tell or show others.

There are several students at the college of medicine and a couple residents at the teaching hospital nearby who meet with us fairly regularly and we bounce ideas back and forth.

On occasion I've gone on morning rounds with them meeting the patients they are working with. . .then we compare notes about what we've noticed about the patients, most often from what wasn't said. . . but was strongly under the surface.

I've also learned there is such a thing as 'pain lines' in a patient's face. . .which tell more about his/her condition than from what they say about themselves "Oh I am fine. . feeling so much better"...etc. As a person does improve the pain lines diminish.

I've been 'listening' to that more now when we meet with teen/young college support groups. Sorta reading between the 'lines'. . ;-)

It all sounds rather obvious but until it is validated we tend not to trust our gut.

LOL. I've been away from academia for 10 days and I can tell I am hungry to get back into it. ..vacation has been totally awesome, a much needed break, and especially to spend time with Peter. I like being in "his world". . .very much.
ciao ~

Coop said...

"While we are most often the best judges of what is going on deep within us, we aren't always that ready to tell or show others."

That statement applies to me, as well as every one else.

Coop said...

Ah Ha... This is the quote that helped convince me to share my own experience on there... for what my experience is worth.

"Within every ugly duckling there is something amazing, something that should be nurtured, something that deserves to be loved."