Friday, November 6, 2009


This AP News via Yahoo! looks to me like inflammatory reporting. . . almost like "lets flippin' f<>k with the Muslims".. . .imho. . . .no, not humble at all. (remember Gary says I am incorrigably cheeky. . like a flippin' faerie gnome, add to that Gypsy Tramps and Thieves blood in my groin. . .. hahahaa )
Why report the man's religious affiliation? Does that change or add to the horror of yesterday's events. Will the media circus trainers turn this into a fatwa or a call to jihad from some Ayatollah Sisshidada or even bin Ladin and the Talliban [sounds like a rock group] or even Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves!

Sounds more to me like a some old shrink pup scared of being shipped off to the MotherLand where he'll be hunted out and have his Huhuh amputated, pendula and all! Has little to do with 'Allah.

Hey! it's Friday and I have one class to teach at 11 a.m. and no lectures or research jobs to do today. Whoooohaaaaaaah. . . .and Peter from P'town Portugese Bakery says "Come on down! Com'- on-a-my-house. . .my-house-a-com'on. . .Mama wants you here for supper. . . .you hear?!" Oh baby do I hear!!!! yesssssssssss.

So, guys, what are ya thinking. . . . .about this. . .about anything?


Coop said...

Notice he "reportedly shouted".
In my opinion The media sensationalizes everything. Hysteria sells. I dislike 'em.

Peter's mom is having you over for dinner... Aww...
Sometimes I feel disadvantaged as a child of an Irish mother. Her cooking is nothing special.
Hey how come the kissy face pic doesn't work.

Stew said...

I guess I am not very American, even though I am 1/4 Native. I am fascinated by all cultures. I would love to spend more time traveling, discovering how people live in all corners of this world. I have respect for all things and am intersted in various beliefs.

Americans on the other hand, seem to need someone to hate; someone to blame things on. Anyone that is not how they are, is a horible person. News programs, perpetuate this, and the mindless masses eat it up.

To everyone that see's that this man was picked on until he broke. And that it doesn't seem to be a direct attack on America, I commend you.

Have a fantastic weekend on the cape. Looks like decent fall weather this weekend.

Gary Kelly said...

A friend of mine commented on the shooting and suggested that the perpetrator had a "religiously-inspired burr" up his ass. Well, I don't know if burrs are aware of the differences between whatever it might be that inspires them. Burrs are burrs. All kinds of people with all kinds of burrs have massacred innocents in the past and will again. People will always ask "why" and the media will always try to speculate.

Basically, I think the problem lies with grudges that are allowed to fester over a long period of time, and that explode eventually out of all proportion.

Grudges grow like cancers, and again like cancers, if they are discovered early enough, and treated, they can be eliminated.

Jack Greenman said...

I just thanked god my brother's best friend wasn't at Ft Hood any longer, so I didn't have to worry "was he one of them?"

I agree with you, no one should be bringing people's religions into this, it just fuels the hate.

I had this ancient History Prof at Worcester State College back when I was a frosh. He'd dress in light blue three piece suits with slicked back hair and green ties. A character, he'd been brilliant back in the day, but now really is ancient. He was in the Korean War. Anyways he was absolutely scared of Muslims because he bought into all the propaganda that goes with the news today.

I signed up for all his classes though, it was a real change, I'd always had liberal history teachers, and this guy was a cold hard right winger. So I got a Very different outlook on history. I'd never known there would be a difference between how a left wing or right wing teacher would teach. A silly oversight on my part.

He played racist too. He wasn't though, he'd say things like "I don't really trust black people, no white man does, we just say we do because of how Society thinks" and you'd watch the 3 black guys in the class tense up and then pass him off as an old man.

He'd say to a class half filled with women that women never won their rights, and make an example of wages. Man gave women the same wage to save men's jobs, if a woman is cheaper to employ - why hire a man?

His theory - I used to have coffee with him before class and pick his brain about England in the 60s - was that such comments shock the students out of silence, get them thinking, arguing, researching - and as an old man he could get away with it. I thought he was full of shit till I saw a picture of him having coffee with MLK.

Wow, that was a ramble with a lost point.

Happy Friday!

J said...

Some crimes are without apparent motive. If, however, this fellow offered an islamist justification for his acts, that is news, and no decent journalist would fail to report it. While I'm prepared to believe that this fellow would have gone postal for any justification, his private jihad certainly is consistent with the sort of radicalism that has turned the West hypervigilant. I for one have no patience for those who say that we are unfairly "profiling" muslims by subjecting them to extra scrutiny. In fact, we would be fools not to. The prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures forbids acts not backed by probable cause. And discrimination among people is illegal only if it is invidious; that is, a discrimination unsupported by an objective basis. If the greater majority of American deaths by terrorist acts are perpetrated by muslims of Middle East origin, it is not unfair or unreasonable for those charged with our protection to subject such persons to special scrutiny. In this instance I would cast blame on the Army personnel who didn't weed this guy out when he started mouthing his jihadist rant to the patients at Walter Reed Hospital. That's when they should have ordered up the good doctor's straightjacket.
Have fun on the Cape.

Gary Kelly said...

J has a valid point, of course. If the killer's actions were motivated by his religious beliefs, then that's an aspect that cannot not be ignored.

The basic problem, though, is that loonies can be motivated by anything and everything. I think the common denominator is the plain old ordinary everyday grudge. If a grudge takes hold and is allowed to fester, it becomes a time bomb.