Friday, March 9, 2012


Home on Spring Break . . . drove home last night, when stuff was done and my stuff collected and into The FIT. . .just good to be here. . . .weather isn't the warmest, but hey! we've had little or no Winter this year. . .at least nothing to write home about.  lol  As far as next week is purported: temps in upper 40s/low 50s. . . hey, when the sun is out. . .awesome. . .don't hurt to wear clothes. . .put on a different look from Summer. . .LOL

Life is good. . .very good.  Hope the same for you.  It's a busy life. . .my regular load has two Intro Psych sections, three days a week.  Plus my own classes in the doctoral program. . .this is going very well. .different from "the old days". . .so much more self-motivational opportunities: you plan your pace and measure up. . . then there is the internship work at the clinic.  This is for real hands on working with a hurting person. . .awesome work. . .real people come to you, trusting you, hoping you can help them  keep going. . . Technically it could be said these are minor issues, compared to the books case work. . BUT these people are not theories. . . they are real flesh and blood seeking assist. . . a listening ear, a hand to hang onto, a shoulder to cry on. . . .help to find a better way to see things. . . .well, you can imagine the needs that come in thru the door and say "Can I talk with some one? Please. . .?"

I think this part of my education is . . ...well, how 'rate' it?  Here, what I am doing, being part of, etc makes all the previous years worthwhile. . . .things just fall into place. . . . .and, ultimately, with all the educational imput and output . . . . .I am just so impressed with people. . . hope I am conveying something of what makes my life go round. . . ;-)  Hate using 'cliches'. . .but sometimes the old tried and true phrases spell things out best. . . . .can't always be new fresh dazzingly creative. . .hahahahaaa

Man, y'oughta hear the chatter of the birds in the shrubs and bushes around the house. . ..sounds like they are ready to party hearty. . . lol. .  .or maybe this is my Welcome Home. . .?  Naaaw, I don't think so. . .LOL
ciao ciao ~~~
p.s.  Peter. . . ..aaaaahhhhh yessssssssss  Peter. . . he won't be arriving home at Provincetown till late this afternoon. . .early evening even.  He had classes and reports, charts to update, etc before leaving.  We really can't travel together all the time since we both want our cars when we are home for longer breaks. . . It is a lot easier on everybody. . . and makes it good for us. . .;-))


Jim said...

I can hear your relief at being home for a break. You are right in the thick of things at school I see.....a very exciting time for you!
Have a great rest.

jimm said...

ahhh... I have a few photos like that one, taken from the Pilgrim Monument.

Spring break??? It's still winter. But I'm getting antsy for that tshirt weather.

Quite busy here at work. Lots of jobs available too.

JustinO'Shea said...

Aahaaa. .the two Jim/jimm. . .thanks. Yes, these are "the good times" and good to be home. . .being near the ocean even smells good! ;-)
"en vacances" with all my senses. . .

Gary Kelly said...

You posted an article about relationships last month where it mentioned something about the basic human need for identity and belonging. That struck a chord with me after my battle with cancer when I felt a terrible sense of aloneness. And now, reading your post about spring break, your words speak of a stong sense of identity and family, and the places and people to which and whom you belong.

You often say you appreciate all you have, and I'm glad you do.

Richard said...

In 40+ years of going to Ptown, I don't believe that I have ever seen that view of the town. Is that the view from the monument? I've been up there a couple of times, but don't recall that vista. Nice shot.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, Richard, from the Monument.
Quite the view, eh? Never tire of it.

Another, a different panoramic view is from the second floor porch at the Race Point Visitors'Center. Of course not as high as the monument. . hahaa. . .but a good "lay of the land" view.

Gary Kelly said...

Then there's the story about the Irish accident when Paddy phoned Emergency and said, "Quick! Get an ambulance. Me mate's been hit by a car. He's bleedin' from his nose and his ears and I tink both his legs are broken." The operator asked Paddy the location. "Outside 28 Eucalyptus Street," he said. "How do you spell Eucalyptus?" the operator asked. But there was a long pause. After several attempts to raise Paddy, the operator tried one more time. "Are you there, sir?" Finally Paddy's voice returned. "Sorry about that," he said, quite breathless, "I couldn't spell eucalyptus so I dragged me mate around to 1 Oak Street."

GreginAdelaide said...

I hear you Gary.


Gary, Justin not only has strong family ties, that will never go away, but a good and deep religious upbring that we don't see much of in our society of today. I am lucky that I had 12yrs. of the same and really have gave my children the same that are instilled in their Life. We are more than Blessed.

Stew said...

I admire your confidence in yourself that enables you to pursue the career you've chosen.
I can't help but think that your parents must have been very encouraging for you to explore what interested you as a child.
Perhaps that has something to do with your love of home. It's great for someone to have a place that makes them feel like they are home. Enjoy the break, I know it is well deserved.

GreginAdelaide said...

Doh!! My comment was on your first post Mr Kelly, not your Paddy joke....although I did hear that one too, about a year ago...heehee!

(Sorry. But come to think of it, I think it was some other street name)