Monday, March 26, 2012

A Boy To Be Sacrificed

A profound story of a gay Moroccan growing up. 
Read it.  And weep.
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OPINION   | March 25, 2012
Opinion:  A Boy to Be Sacrificed
Growing up gay in an unyielding culture.



Abdellah Taïa, "A boy to be Sacrificed" shows that the Muslim world is waking up. The have had a much more Brutal way than most other areas of our World. I know what the effimnate words can do to you. Brother used to say I pitched a ball like a girl. I tried so hard to correct that one thing. Also knew my swagger was not a real man's swagger. You are always watching your back. Blushing when someone talks about the gay or fags. Tried always to keep myself from being found out. I realized that I had to watch my eyes, trying to look and appreciate the Beauty of a Man.
Abdellah Taïa indeed had it rough, and can really be alive and well to have a normal Life. Wish him the Best of Life to Come.

Gary Kelly said...

And to think there are dimwits who would accuse Joe of "choosing" to be as he was... and likewise Abdellah.

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . .do you think we have to put up with the dimwits? Can't we just ignore them?

I know it would take 'strength of character' but I bet we could do it. . .if we made up our minds, if we tried.

Or would that mean we are avoiding reality? Even if they are toxic and harmful to children and all living things. . .? We wouldn't harm or damage them. . . we'd just ignore and avoid them.

Yes? No?

Gary Kelly said...

Nice idea, JustinO. But look at what happened when Abdellah tried to ignore them.

GreginAdelaide said...

Avoid? Ignore?

No, whilst that path can be taken for one's own safety, it does not change anything.

I think we all agree change is needed.

A hard decision, whether or not to engage the person making the comment/argument. Easier to ignore or avoid.
But if we do not at least make it plain that the comment/opinion is just that, an opinion, and it is unwelcome, then we are not doing justice to ourselves and others.

A dilemma.
A choice.
Only you can make it.
Life is full of them.