Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kirk Cameron - News Results


  • Kirk Cameron Receiving Support Despite Anti-Gay Comments
  • Kirk Cameron Asks for Understanding Over His Anti-Gay Remarks
  • Kirk Cameron Strikes Back at Critics
  • Kirk Cameron Slammed for Calling Homosexuality "Unnatural" in CNN Interview
  • Celebs Slam Kirk Cameron for Gay Comments
  • Tracey Gold, More Stars Slam Kirk Cameron for Anti-Gay Remarks
  • Kirk Cameron | Photo Credits: CNN

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  • Kirk Cameron responds to anti-gay comments flap

    Reuters via Yahoo! News - 11 hours agoLOS ANGELES ( - Kirk Cameron is experiencing a new sort of growing pains over his anti-gay remarks. Former "Growing Pains" star Cameron went on the defensive on Tuesday, responding to the ... more »
  • Kirk Cameron Asks for Understanding Over His ...

    US Weekly - 11 hours agoKirk Cameron 's anti-gay remarks during his interview with Piers Morgan on Friday have taken the world by storm. So much in fact, much of Hollywood's LGBT community and allies have taken a stand on ... more »
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Richard said...

It's interesting to see who reads US Magazine. After reading their replies, why am I not surprised?

jimm said...

"...detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Wow. Me thinks the only threat homosexuality is to Cameron is his comfort zone.

JustinO'Shea said...

Methinks I agree. . . LOL

J said...

Kind of makes you wonder if someone put a hand on his thigh when he was on the casting couch.
It never fails to amaze me how people pay so much attention to the verbal drivel of the ill-educated just because they are in show business.

Stew said...

Perhaps a more indirect way of getting equal rights for all, is to take away everyone's rights.
Maybe that's the detrement that he speaks of.
Imagine when a husband dies, the wife looses the house. That would stir things up. And I can see Kirk getting nervous about that.


Did Kirk ever read the bible. Love your neighbor as you
love yourself and to love your enemy as well. He has such a narrow outlook of Jesus Teaching's and I think he needs to loosen up.... I think it says something about loving each other, not to hate one another.

JustinO'Shea said...

BUT, Rad Joe, in the "real world" the Baible has no place. . .not for guidance and making decisions. . .the Baible is only for emotional show events when we pretend to be People of the Book. . . "it looks good". . .like the Italian 'bella figura" = 'put on a happy face' or 'look proper' but in the "real world" of Holywood you don't take that stuff seriously.

Look at TEBOW and the people who mock and criticize him! See, man? That's the real world. . not the pious crazies. . .

NB. Just in case there is question, I DO NOT believe what I just wrote. . .I am foolin'. . .justin

Gary Kelly said...

Kirk Cameron has probably had anti-gay sentiments for years but it's only when he expresses them on Piers Morgan's show that they attract all this publicity. Hello? Did I say publicity? Maybe there's a new movie comin' or sumthin'.

gp said...

It never fails: when a shit-for-brains like this guy makes hateful comments, he can't understand why so many people get upset/accuse him of making hateful comments. And so it goes...