Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mystery. . . Color Me Curious. . . .

Hello Mates. . .Friends and Neighbors All. . . .;-))

In the past week . . .June 11 to today so far June 18 the visits to my blogsite JUMPED way up in the sky, like on the rainbow balloon that's been drifting around our area this afternoon. I tried to take a photo but, sorry to say, it wasn't worth attaching.

Anyway the numbers of 'hits' or 'pageviews' have been way higher than  usual:  1690 this week !  And the curious thing is ALL of these 1690 visits originate from one blog-site!  For those not familiar, the stats program for my blog stores the number of visits each day and the web-site from which the visitors traveled to get to Justin Dunes.
This is the mystery. . . .the STATS  indicate that everyone who visited my site did so from first visiting this one site.

Awesome! They showed good taste is moving on to JustinDunes. . hahaaa. . .I couldn't resist the kidding.  Yesterday there were 149 visits to my site.  Today so far there have been 101 (These figures are  more in the average/normal range.)  And today only 7 visitors were first in the other, unnamed site.

I am just curious.  Mind does such things.  lol  Any ideas about these stats. . .the sudden increase and decrease?  Maybe these mates were on holiday and bored out of their gourdes  for lack of something better to do???   My sympathies. . . .but "chacun a son gout". . ."to each his own". . .."You can't argue about tastes."



Gary Kelly said...

Don't get too hung up on stats, mate. It can become an obsession. I worked in media for many years, and I know what the ratings game was like. Just do your own thing, and let the stats do theirs. Trust me, you never wanna be owned by stats. They can go up, and they can go down. It's no biggie.

JustinO'Shea said...

I hear you, Gary, but that is not my point or concern. I have a mind which is curious about many things!
Haven't you noticed.

WHY so many peeps. . .1690 ot so, all of a sudden, from same site. . .s'all.
It doesn't matter. . .nice for them. . .they contributed nothing to the blog and the rest of us.

The therapeutic mind, if I can call it that, does that. . .looks for reasons, causes. LOL NUMBERS and ratings just dont do it for me. . .
they contribute nothing. . ..I look at "cause and effect". . . and curiosity, esp since I know the jump off source. .. hahahaha.

But thanks for your counsel. . .heard and put in memory spot.


J said...

So what is the site?

JustinO'Shea said...

smiles. . . .smiles. . . smiles. . .

jimm said...

Not really my field of study, but im guessing it is some kinda auto link, maybe because of the video links. I get visits from suspended accounts.

JustinO'Shea said...

That's one possible explanation I didn't have. . .LOL

Thread change, JIMM. I've been thinking about you and your weekly practice of not using the hearing aids on Sunday.
Might that be your 'day of rest' from all the nosce from without so that you may better hear the Voice within. . .that you might more fully think your own thoughts and feel your own feelings. . .without the blaring intrusion from without?

Maybe the time to nourish the "mystic JIMM"? . . . .I don't mean to pry. . but as I said to Gary, above, my minds seeks, wonders about such things. . . among others. . ;-)


Gary Kelly said...

Be careful of that voice from within. It doesn't always tell the truth.

jimm said...

Yes, Justin, Sunday sans hearing-aids is my time to 'let go' and reflect some... on the inner-Jimm. It is peaceful.

Try going on a dunes hike with earplugs. You feel the breeze and whiff the ocean. Open your senses, unimpeded by sound. This is the opposite, as most ppl would rather close their eyes and listen.

Im not looking for pity, but I won't kid you, it has been a most difficult life.

During the work week, I am constantly reminded that I live with a disability; every time someone speaks to me, every time there is a noise I can't identify. The stress of being constantly alert 24/7 is way way over my head.

The only help I had as a kid was speech lessons, and a box-like body-hearing-aid, with an embarrassingly long cord.

Thankfully, todays special-needs youth have much more educational planning and assistance.

The mystical thing comes from an online test results I shared with my youngest brother. He's always (good-naturedly) teasing me about it. But there is some truth to the results, which I will try to post this week. Basically, I think outside the box, reaching conclusions on a different path.

And I am very good a reading body language. I have a good idea what someone is gonna ask before they ask it. It could be that I process all the possibilities, while summing up the body expressions, beforehand.

And, Gary, then there are the times when I'm wrong....

The most difficult part of living with a hearing loss, for me, is when I am in a 'hearing failure caused situation' where I am overcome by the 'fight or flight' emotions.

But in the end, you learn to adapt, sometimes swallow yer pride, and move on.

JustinO'Shea said...

GREAT! Man, am i glad I asked you my musings. . . ;-) A whole new world is opening up. . . .fascinating. . not as looking AT you but rather looking at YOU. . . know what I mean?
I think listening with the heart helps here a great deal . . .to 'hear' you opening up about your silence. . .etc. I dont means to play at words, hehe. . .trying to say it 'out of the box' also.
Keep it up. JIMM.

sssshhh. . .. justin

jimm said...

shhh... ??? lmao...


"not as looking AT you but rather looking at YOU. . . know what I mean?"

I do understand. It's like this, when i asked you about being different, i found YOU. What makes Justin JUSTIN. :)