Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr Leo Buscaglia . . . .a sampler

Dr Buscaglia is a wonderful teacher, lecturer  I 've used some of his material. . . like the dvd vignettes from some of his lectures. . .in my IntroPsych class with under grads.  I first came to 'know' Dr B from a couple well-worn paperbacks in my parents library back in high school.  My hippie parents were quite into "Dr Love" when they were in college.  From their telling he was popular with students everywhere because he was real. . he had something to say which touched where kids were at. . . .all ages of them. . . and he wasn't afraid to be honest. Not judgmental, always inspirational.

Here is a sampler of Dr Leo Buscaglia. . .I hope you will enjoy these.  ;-)....................... justin 


Jim said...

You know what Justin? I think YOU could be the 'modern day' Dr.B! No pressure!
I remember one of his famous quotes: "Love is a behavior modifier" or something along that line.
So your parents were 'free spirits', now it ALL make sense to me!
Have a great weekend.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hmmmm. . .thank you, Jim. This is quite a compliment! I love it!
You've heard the expression "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" hahaa
Yes, indeed, I AM my parents' son! LOL As you see, everything makes sense. . .cause and effect. . .;-)

Rockit88 said...

How cool that you have used Buscaglia in your classes! This is one of his books that seems timely, and has some observations of his father assimilating to US culture. They say it is actually hardest for the second generation, the first know who they are and where they're from, the next generation can feel conflicted.

Happy Fathers Day Justin.



Jim I agree with you 100%, Justin
is a Father of Love. He teaches us
so much. We can be better off, just reading and practicing his
good Love of Everyone. His Mom and
Dad gave him much, and Justin amplifies that to all of us. He is next to Heaven's Guardian Angels. Dr. Leo Buscaglia is so truthful in his books and lectures, so much can be
learned. I've have 4 of his
paper backs and really enjoy his
LOVE, that he shares with us.
You may think that I am spreading
this a bit thickly, it is just the