Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some NEW "Old" NEWS. . . . .

SORRY I didn't post this "on time". . .just got caught up in other stuff. . ."I firmly resolve. . amend my life. Amen.". . . .. justin

Provincetown Portuguese Festival,Provincetown

Provincetown Portuguese Festival

Provincetown  Portuguese Festival


258 Commercial St, Provincetown MA

Since the very first year, the Provincetown Portuguese Festival has had a core group of individuals who have donated their time and effort to make the Festival the huge success that it is. While this core group has changed over the years, the Festival you see today is a culmination of the efforts of these dedicated individuals. We lovingly refer to them as "The Festival Team".

Provincetown Portuguese Festival, Civic Organizations, Provincetown



Provincetown Portuguese Festival 2010

Posted: 06/26/10 08:42
Provincetown Portuguese Festival 2010
Today marks the start of the Provincetown Portuguese Festival honoring Provincetown's rich Portuguese heritage. What began as the Blessing Of The Fishing Fleet, held to pay homage to St. Peter the town's patron saint and to ask for blessing and safety of the town's fisherfolk, on the last Sunday of June way back in 1947, has expanded to a four- day weekend festival which treats the thousands of visitors each year with authentic Portuguese food, lovely music, games for children and
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Jabacue said...

Bless you Justin, for you have

That would be a good festival to catch. Bet the food is great!

JustinO'Shea said...

It is a great weekend. . .and the food is definitely "eatable" hahahaha

I was in one of the 12 boats of the fishing fleet for the boat-parade and blessing. Hehee...we had more water in the boat than the bishop had in the sprinkl`````er. . . .;-)

Some of those Portugues dancers are easy of the eyes. . . . .. uhuh

Stew said...

So, did St.Peter bless your vessel?

Gary Kelly said...

It all sounds rather jolly and, as a keen amateur photographer, I'd love to be snapping away at all the colorful festivities (as well as a few good sorts).

I traveled on a 115 y/o steam loco the other day and some smartass asked if I was there when it was launched.

Photography is a marvelous hobby tho, and sorta forces you to do things you might otherwise not.

Anyway, my dear JustinO Duneroonie, I'm glad you're enjoying life.

Coop said...

I don't think a belated post about a festival in a Sin. However, if you want the "Sin" to be forgiven, I forgive you.

How did an Irish boy like you land in a Portuguese festival.
You aren't even Portuguese by marriage... yet.

And when is this hot musty sh*t for weather going to take a hike.

Coop said...

Hee Hee. I'm quiet the jokester today aren't I??

Stew's comment, however... "So, did St.Peter bless your vessel?"

It took me 2 days to get that joke. LOLZ

JustinO'Shea said...

COOP. . . .2 days???? WoW. . .Speedy! LOL
D'yu read my comment back? 2 days? hmmm



Coop said...

Yeah... I don't get that part.