Friday, July 16, 2010

~~~ A New Day. . . . ..A New Man ~~~~~

A Good Friday Morning to ALL Y'ALL

This morning is a tad cooler. . . .as a starter. And I feel 100% better than I did yesterday come mid-morning. When my stomach quieted down I started drinking green tea laced with ginseng and honey. . . iced, of course, having discovered a shady side of the large wrap-around veranda [for Gary] aka porch. ;-) and the gods and muses so arranged things that there was a nice breeze . . .just made for me. . . .and there I camped out, dozed, read. . the rest of the afternoon. . . it was mostly zzzzzzzzzzzzzz s

My quiet recovering evening was interrupted to watch The Mentalist. . . a summer rerun I had seen before. No matter. I enjoy that Patrick Jane. . he is quite the number. . .hehe. . .so cool. . .so smart-ass a lot. . . he is my mentor. . . hahahaaa.

Another TV show I've gotten into is CSI . . .the Miami scene with that sweet guy Horatio. . .also very nice when Eric makes an appearance. . .hehe. . .hot hot Puerto Rican. . . .ummmm. . . Also, this new season one CSI Los Angeles. This is a great team. The gal McKenzie is a real honey:
certainly is an eye-full . . Ima-lika-veddy-mach. Of course the 'stars' Callum and CoolJ or is it JKool. . .? are great. . .always with a tad of erotic bonding --- so it seems to my jaded eye. . hehe . But the Star of Stars there is that small lady who runs the show. . HETTY! Isn't she just the coolest. . . all 4 feet tall of her. . .if that. In her real life she is a partnered gay lady.

[I choose "gay" here for gender equality. . .LOL And I'm not terribly fond of or attached to the term "lesbian". . .don't like the sound of the word! A question: can one separate one's perceptions engendered by a word or concept? An item for pondering. . . .for me, I mean. Along the similar line is this phrase in the Bible. . .the prophet Isaiah, to be exact. "He conceived and gave birth to wind!" What an elegant way to express a gigantic FART! hahahahahaha Isaiah was mouthing off about a leader in his day who was filled with himself and his achievements. . .which he thus describes as "conceiving and giving birth to wind!" How right on! We could use that to describe some of our current political light-weights. . . .any names pop into mind? LOL. . . .yeah, I was reading the Bible the other day. . . .I do that. . . .some awesome and humorous stuff there, if you give it a chance and some time. . .;-)~ I know, I know. . .yeah, weird. ]

Well, quite enough from me for now. Yepper, I am kicking back and taking the day off. . . my bod protests the very idea of hanging dry-wall.

ciao ~ justin


Stew said...

Sometimes you need a day off. I've been working out in this heat and have gone and made myself sick. So today after a little sleep, we're going out on a friends yatch before he leaves for the Port Huron to Mackinaw yatch race in the morning. Hopefully feeling better by then.
Enjoy you day.

Coop said...

Hope you're enjoying the day off, Justino.
I'll take your word for it on McKenzie. I'm sure her role is played by a talented actress and all. I don't really notice her visually.
Hetty is super cool. Justin's comment about political lightweights is making me fantasize about putting Hetty in charge.

And I thought I was the ONLY one who thought that all Congress did was conceive and give birth to wind. heehee.

I drank too much caffeinated Nestea yesterday. Loopy. :P

Anonymous said...

Funny that, Justin. I also avoid the word 'lesbian' ....... unless I use it to refer to an ugly gay lady. By ugly I mean, not nice, someone with bad attitude.

Some lesbians I've come across, the really butch ones, believe they have to fit into the tough-angry-unfriendly-the-world-is-against-me-dressed-as-butch-men mold....just like some gay men 'have to' assume the lisping-wrist-waving-strangled-voice-dah-ling role.
You've made me realise that I use the word 'gay' when talking of homosexual people that I respect and like, and use the words 'leso', 'lesbian', 'poofta' etc when I am talking about people that are not nice, whatever their sexual orientation.

Hmmmm, thinks, what does that say about me.......haha

Greg in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Oops, I should have mentioned in my last post that your comment...
"can one separate one's perceptions engendered by a word or concept?"...was the bit that set me thinking.

My answer to your musing is yes, but not easy to do in casual thought.

If anyone says someone is lesbian I 'see' a big butch woman and if someone says someone is gay I 'see' a typical gay-acting wimpy short guy. I have to conciously look to see if I was correct...

Why is that? Hell, I don't see myself that way? Is it that I don't like/approve of homosexuality? No, hell no! I'm one. Am I unhappy with that? No, honestly not. My only regret is that I did not embrace it when I was younger and could have pulled more guys...haha!

Yeps, you've done it again Justin, made me think on things I perhaps would not have otherwise.
A good thing to do with a morning coffee.

Greg in Adelaide

Gary Kelly said...

Porch schmorch. Veranda's the go. Remember Carmen Veranda? The Brazilian lady with all the fruit on her head? Nah... you're too young. Anyway, she was famous for saying 'chic chic a boom boom'. I dressed as Carmen Veranda when I went to a party one time and that's all I said all night... chic chic a boom boom.

Yes, a day off now and then is good. Brains need time out occasionally to recouperate or rejuventate or whatever. They do a lotta work ya know... always thinking and calucating and analysing and whatever else. Even while we're asleep, the sub conscious is ticking away, figuring out problems the conscious is unable to. And then we wake in the morning with the answer. Pretty cool, huh?

As to the word lesbian, yes it does have unfortunate connotations... like dykes on bikes. Faggot is not one of my favorites either. But ya know, words should not be allowed to get the better of us. As the children say, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". It's true if we want it to be true.

Everytime you hear a word that offends you, say to yourself, "it's only a word".

You can go a bit further than that and add, "and it came out of the mouth of a dickhead".

Coop said...

Hetty, Kensi Blye, and the two hunkys (Callen and Hanna). are on NCIS Los Angeles. The role of Hanna is played by LL Cool J.

CSI is a different show.

Justin, you've got yer acronyms confused.

JustinO'Shea said...

COOL. . .kewl. . .NCIS/ NCI. . .close enough. . .I like them.

WHy do I need to pay attention to all the details and fine points, when you do that for me, sweets. .?

Glad someone is paying attention to details. . .ahahaa


Coop said...

Actually, I realized I needed to set eyes on 'McKenzie' again so I went looking for a picture.

When I didn't see the great Hetty Lange on the CSI cast list I realized something was amiss.

Paying attention to details for ya no trouble at all :) My pleasure.

Bed time. I promise.


Coop said...

Hee Hee... here's my confession. I went looking for a pic of McKenzie and didn't find her (or Hetty) on the CSI cast list. I figured something was amiss.

Awww shucks... 'twas nothin, "hot" stuff ;-) I'll pay attention to details for you anytime

(also "hot")

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, COOPs. . . .it is NCIS-LA. . I got that correct.

Check this. . .

This is a full program from the series, not a clip. You can find full dvds of programs. . .any time.

Whooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Kinzi and all the BOYZ. . uuummmm

Coop said...

Does someone have a wee bit of a str8 crush on Kenzie? ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

What is a str8 crush in a gay man?

Seeing, liking, admiring beauty in a women hardly makes it A CRUSH. . .STR8 OR GAY. . ..RIGHT?

She has beautiful eyes, attractive persona in RV series, "nicely put together". . .someone I'd like as a friend. . . .

Now, to set you STR8 on all accounts [every pun intended. ..ho ho ho ] she is not the occasion of sexual arousal and excitement in me. hehehe. None. Nada. and that is KOOL. . .not to be confused with LLCoolJ. . .

Now the men is the cast. . .very definite interest. . .each has his own appeal. Blush all you wish, Mr Coop. .for some reason. . .cant recall why. . I sorta think you kinda look like the staff psychologist. hehehee

ciao ciao

Coop said...

Ehhh... maybe I DO look like Doc Getz. Thanks for the compliment. heehee.