Monday, July 26, 2010

A Pefect Day on The Cape

Today was/is the kind of day everyone wants when they come to the Cape.  It was about 80* high, with humidity way down from a wringing wet 94% to merely 54%. . . .we are out of the sauna.. .  .except for saunas of choice, able to breathe, move, even wear an item or two of clothing. . . .gorgeous day.

And I have been scott-free all day. . . my summer work career ended Friday afternoon. . . .all the walls are plastered. . .and still standing on their own. . .no leaning or listing. . .LOL  This is my work-vacation time.  I will be heading back to campus toward the end of August and I need some time for myself. . . to work!

I am working on a project for my classes this semester.  Last year I taught an undergrad Intro Psych class.  Toward the end of the school year the department gents asked if I'd be willing to teach a second section of the Intro Psych.  Of course I said YES. . ..and now hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. . .to coin a phrase.  Yes it is the same material but each class is different because the people in the class are a different unit, each takes on its own style and personality.  You know, teaching is relational and we each bring our own stuff, baggage, approach to group interaction and relationships with one another and with the teaching staff.  Anyway, it will work just fine.

What I am doing is drawing up a program, added to the curriculum outlines, which will involve a lot of group interaction. . .a sort of "hands on" involvement with the class material.

I will tell you more about this later. . . .. hehe. . .because I want to invite you to become a part of it. . . .a la distance, of course.  Those of you who might be interested and willing to do this.  But, more later.  Trust me.  ;-))

Saturday night was so hot and humid, oppressive even, that Peter and I didn't do anything!  Imagine that. . .two young semi-studly gay guys, with a healthy libido and allied interests, during High Season in the Gay World of Provincetown. . . .we were content to lounge on the veranda [for Gary Kelly] looking out onto the Atlantic thru a steamy mist, . . .sorta. . . .sipping on iced green tea laced with ginseng and wild honey [ that is about as wild as it got. . . hahaha].

After dinner Mom and Dad went out with friends of theirs for the evening. . . . .they do have their places too. . ..down toward Hyannis so we had the hacienda to ourselves. . . .and it turned into a great evening.

The evening was one of those "organic events". . .free, easy, healthy, fun. spontaneous.  We both just took the time to T A L K. . 
and L I S T E N  to each other. . .and day dream. . .together about our hopes, desires, needs, fears, convictions. . . .and the like.  You know how that goes.  ;-)

It was a naturally intimate and romantic evening. . . .not "romantic" in a gushy mushy way but  one that brought us even closer together in our further growing to know one another in hope-filled comfortable exploring together deeper and emerging aspects of our hopes and desires, needs and fears,   I'd say we've grown into a deeper and freer knowledge of each other.

Peter had to be on deck early for 4 a.m. opening and getting the bakery started.  Fortunately for me he had brought his car home here do I didn't need to drive him to town "in the middle of the night".   Though our sleep time was shorter than usual and desired we had a restful peaceful evening and went to bed rested.  It was excellent, a "sweet" Saturday evening on Cape Cod.

Now a word from the Chamber of Commerce Unofficial. . . .LOL
The first week in August is Family Week. . . .all kinds of families come to town. . . many many strollers. . .lesbian couples with strollers, gay guys with strollers,  str8 couples with strollers. .. hahaha. . .here is a bit of a resume about the week.

P'Town: A Place for Every Kind of FamilyBest of IgoUgo

P'Town is full of colorful folk!
Nobody comes to Provincetown by accident. Nobody comes to Provincetown just by passing through. P'Town is a destination. It's at the very tip of Cape Cod, and there is only one road into town - and the road stops here. When you come to P'Town, you have come as far as you can go - your next stop by going straight (nobody goes straight in P'Town) would be Lisbon.Provincetown has always been a place for the rebel or the person who wanted to get lost. Even the pilgrims first set foot on these sands. Even though they were Puritans, they were running away from the establishment!
The first week of each August is Family Week. This is a week when gay families come from all over the world to vacation together. Our kids can be themselves, no questions from their peers - it's just a time to run on the beach, look for shells, and eat lobster. It's a week for parents to meet fellow parents and exchange our stories.
The kids love it. They can walk the streets en masse, and we never have to worry about them. They have their actitivies and seem to look out for each other. During Family Week, there are dinners, dances, group discussions, and even a drag show just for the kids! This was the first year our kids got to see a drag show, and they laughed all the way through it! Not many kids can go back to school in September and, when asked what they did for their summer holiday, say, "I went to a drag show in Provincetown!"
In Provincetown, everyone is themselves - there is no pretense here. You might see a man walking down the street in a silver dress, a busload of seniors from Boston, two African-American lesbians with an Asian baby, a Portuguese fisherman grabbing a beer, or chubby tourists from Iowa buying ice cream. It all mixes up here - everyone just lives side by side. Nobody cares. Oh, if only the whole world was a little bit more like Provincetown!


PhotosbyErich said...

Sounds like you and Pete had a perfect evening! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Family week is just that, a time for all single guys and gals to avoid Ptown at all costs! :) The freaking strollers are everywhere, some of them even double-wides. Trying to walk two dogs down Commercial Street later than 9 or 10 in the morning is a major challenge.

Gary Kelly said...

Semester? Wots that? We didn't have that. We had terms. We didn't have sophomore either. Wots that? We had school, and when we left school we went to university, not college. So wots going on here? It's a conspiracy, that's wot it American attempt to hijack the English language and turn it into unfathomable gobbledeegook.

However, I do love the house. I adore the house with its old fashioned window shutters and abundant timber fretwork and that lovely VERANDA. It's straight out of Mary Poppins.

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, Mr Gary. . . .hehe. . .not to formal there. . .we too after high or secondary school go to an univerity [which is, strictly speaking, a collection of colleges; each college for a particular discipline. . .school of medicine, school of business, classics and languages, biology an sciences, etc.] or to a 4-year or 2-year college . . . .

The academic year either has 2 semesters, or even trimesters. . .OR 2 or 3 terms, take your pick.

Wouldn't it be a shame if we all spoke the same dull language?. . .with everyone sounding like the geitko on Geeico tv advs.??? Why, we'd lose our Tower of Babel effect from the ancient biblical days. [q.v.] And listening to you or Shannon would not have the same charming effect. .or is it affect. . .LOL. . . .ahem. . .

Also for colourful variety we have first, second, third and fourth year students. . .or Freshman, Sophomore(foolishly wise as in sophomoric), Junior and Senior years. Charming, n'est-ce pas?

ciao ciao

Stew said...

Your evening sounds great. And since I work a midnight shift, I feel for Peter having to go in at 4am.
As for family week.... well, I'm allergic to children.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, JustinO, you're qoite roite, it would be insufferably boring if we were all the same.

So that's what sophomore means? How interesting... foolishly wise. What a wonderful word! And so applicable to youth hehe.

Mind you, wisdom is by no means the exclusive preserve of society's seniors either... not by a long shot!

J said...

Teachers may bring baggage to the classroom, but yours seems to be first class.

Coop said...

No offense... but I'll skip "family week" in P-town. All the strollers and such... not my cuppa.

The house is lovely; but it must be a fair distance inland. It doesn't have the weathered look of ocean front property. I'm a native New Englander --- I can spot these things.

JustinO'Shea said...

hahhaaaa. . .dont blame you one bit, COOPs. . .on "family week". . .too many wheels. . .hahahaa

Now New England boyo, you have heard about the efficient oil=based house paints which protect homes from the aging effects of weather and ocean winds ?. . . .And how good regular expenditures on upkeep and paint adds to the value of your house. . .on a regular basis. . .you don't wait for damage to begin to care for your property. . .and all this expense, time and effort adds greatly to the value of your property. . ..hahaha. . .it's called preventive medicine house care.

In the true New England spirit "It's not how much you spend. . it's how much you save! hahaahahaa

si. . .si. . .
ciao. . .ciao

ken said...

Finally in P-town for vacation and its raining like hell this AM.
I am sure all will be well by tomorrow. Any suggestions about the best place for lobster. Don't want to treat you like a tour guide but you do dispense such sage advice

JustinO'Shea said...

KEN. . . the rain is to cleaan up the town for your visit. .. lol. . .sorry we didnt get it done yesterday.

LOBSTER. . . .

quintessential lobster eatery. . ;-)

Maybe it will be easier to get a table. . .since it is raining.

Have fun. . . .lots of indoor and outdoor entertainment. . . ;-)

enjoy. . .