Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Which direction?

Hello All y'all. I didn't intend my blog to turn into geography or virtual tourguiding, but I did say "Let's see where this goes!" I guess telling you about Cape Cod will alsotell you a bit about me. ;-))

First off, thanks to my mate Shannon for the SHOUT on his blog. Sweet. Thanks to you who looked up my blog and posted your pics and signed up as co-conspirators.. lol I appreciate you and your comments.

Vinnie asked for some larger photos. That is in the works. Yepper, summers on the Cape are excellent. . . or as excellent as one decides they are going to be. he he And YES, Winters on the Cape can be very cold, dank, damp. . . but from late Summer into late Spring I go to university "on the mainland" but I do come home to the ocean for breaks and when I need to get back to the Dunes to shore my sanity and recharge my energies. Some of you will know what I mean immediately. ;-)) Maybe more about Winter a bit down the road.

This is Provincetown's main street at low tide. . he he

Provincetown Cape Cod MA

During High Tide it is people-to-people.. . .everywhere. . .with bikers and cars to watchout for. There are many places to sit and watch, where peeps tend to gather. Here is a live cam at http://www.spirituspizza.com of one such spot. Food is terrific. Scenery can be awesome...day or night. LOL After bar and club closings around 1 a.m. maybe it is 2 a.m.?] the "tourists" converge here to see and be seen. . .maybe,hopefully someone / something may develop. I call it "The Last Chance Corral". . . . Food also takes "the edge"off the booze consumed.

You can run into mates in unexpeced places. . . .or so I have been told. . . even if you are a bit of a space cadet like this duuude here. LOL

Provincetown Carnival

Justin watching Carnival parade or counting? or playing strings?

He'll be OK, he doesn't get lost much. LOL

So much for now. [that is a threat. .he he ]

~ ciao, bambini!



Anonymous said...

I just love Provincetown.

Pilgrim said...

Always the direction, in which you look, Justin. :-) Propz Pilgrim...p.s., mind to link me back? :-)

Hank Drake said...

You are so lucky to be living near P-town. Been there many times, but I could never afford to live there - unless I win the lottery.

Cheers from Ohio.

Shannon said...

Hmmmm looks like a sleepy little town to me but I know better don't I Tink.

Great photos. Don't worry about the virtual tour. Background information puts what you are writing about into context.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Shannon for sending us your way. I had my first homosexual experience in a tent at the campgroung just south of Provincetown. A night to remember! Looking foward to hearing about you and remembering the Cape.

juztin o'shea said...

"Tenting tonight. . .Tenting tonight..down by the ole campground. . "
[civil war campfire song. . ;-) ]

HI ANNON. . .if yours was anything lie the tenting in BrokebackMountain. . . whaaahooooo

I bet you recall this. . LOL