Monday, July 13, 2009

My Third Peter

Justin continues his comments about name and guys named Peter.
Cf previous entry.

I mentioned that there have been three special guys named Peter in my life.
The third a very special one is a good buddy whom I call *Peter Pan.
Mr Pan is a real flesh and blood faerie who adds excitement
and laughter wherever he 'flits'. [I use the word flit to retain some of the
faerie story of the original Peter.] He brings care and concern, insight and
mystery, love and just enough excitement and fun
to balance the stable side of life, and through his eyes very simple and
ordinary things show the hidden beauty and mystery hidden there, waiting
to be explored and enjoyed.

I guess I'd say my relationship with Peter Pan happened quickly and intensely
.and yet here was a feeling we weren't beginning but rather continuing
something we already knew. . . a sense of being in touch and often in synch
especially on an emotional level of being tuned in, already sensitized to the
other's needs and feelings.

He energizes, stimulates and draws out my inner best . . . .and says I know
just when and how to say what is needed at the right time and manner.

My new relationship with Peter the Portuguese takes nothing from the
relationship with Peter Pan, nor the reverse. Each relationship is different,
has its own dynamic and so the response is separate takes nothing way but
only adds.

Let me say it this way: Have you ever felt someone touching your very soul
and zapping it into new life and vitality? I have and do. . . .from both Peters.

I'd very much appreciate you comments here shared from our own
experience and loving. I am trying to better articulate this myself: my mind
wants to know and more deeply understand what my heart/soul is doing

I be grateful.

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Coop said...

My best friend puts new vitality into my life. He's transient for his job now, but whenever we see each other we always have a blast.