Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In his blog today my mate Shannon complains about Winter and people getting cold and the misery that goes with lousy snotty colds.. . LOL. Here in the opposite side of the of the world
it is summer and some immune-deficiency tourists are getting colds and we locals who cater to
them avoid them as much as possible . I do say, though, I haven't yet seen anyone wearing a
protective mask. And, wondrous to report, I haven't experienced any decline in amorous oral
contacts, aka deep tongue explorations, kissing in saundry cozy nooks and crannies.

I noticed the other day that a certain part of the deck at The Boatslip where the boys tend to gather for the after-beach T-Dance, prior to the pre-dinner nap, seemed busy with nibblers and samplers . What was I doing there? Why I was busy gathering data for the research on my thesis due in Spring 2010 as part of the master's program I am in. (I am a psych major hoping
to work as a therapist "mending hearts". Work is in progress. LOL) My topic is The Amourous Non-Commited Sex Life of the Migrant Soft-Shelled Summer Crab at Herring Cove and Race Point Beaches. The title of my thesis is as exciting as their casual chatter while surveying the landscape . . . "Ya come here much? Hmmm, wonder who he is?Is he alone? Look at those buns . . .wow, check that bulge! Ya think it's real? What are /who are ya doing later?

cloud cover made me slip into snide tongue in cheek. We've had a lot of cloudy days with brief sun showers. I've noticed an increase of tan-in-a-bottle at checkouts. It was cold in my room last night and the down comforter was a good bed-warmer sub. hehe But the summer people as here. You need to watch out for gawking breeder-with-stroller.

Hey! The sun is out. . .and so am I.. Ciao, ciao. .. . justin


Pilgrim said...

I hope to get you right, Justin, but don´t the USofA not hold strong to H1N1? Propz Pilgrim

JustinO'Shea said...

Of course H1N1 is taken seriously in USA but we are not wearing masks. There are isolated cases but no epidemic or quarantines. ;-)

Are people in Ireland, UK, France and Germany wearing masks?

Shannon said...

There are a few people in Sydney wearing them but (and I hate to generalize) they are all Asian woman... People laugh and joke about them but I suppose they are still getting over the psycholgical impact of SARS.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

"it is summer and some immune-deficiency tourists are getting colds and we locals who cater to
them avoid them as much as possible."

I am one of those immune deficiency people, who might take this line as disparaging to us... I don't appreciate your tone nor accusation.

Think before you write... people are reading this drivel...

Poz 16 years