Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Week in Provincetown


Celebrating Family's Many Forms

A pride parade, clambakes and campfires, workshops for parents and plenty of fun for the kids at Family Week from August 1 to 8 . . . See full story >>

See what's going on in town these days. Friday evening and Saturday "The Families" arrive for their special week. . . ..

When I was a younger kid (ahem!) growing up in town most of the baby strollers
belonged to the straight couples who'd roam Commerical Street taking in the "local color". It was funny to watch the wives grab onto their men's arms lest they wander into gay dens of iniquity, leather bars, and whatever. LOLOL

Fathers would rein in their teenage sons as they approached the groups of us gay boys just hanging out. It was often obvious the "str8 boys" wished they could stop and talk and hangout with us for a while to check us out too. But parents held their leashes closer.

They were always welcome here and there were announcements that at 9 p.m. the str8 tourists and their packages should head for the various check-out booths: Faerie Town was now ours ! LOL

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Shannon said...

Families come in all shapes and sizes. The only prerequisite is love as we all know biology doesn't mean family.