Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Peters in My Life

Or should I sub-title this "The Life in my Peters"? roflmsao
I think this might sound a tad salacious, so let me rush to assure you, dear Bloggers, that 'salacious', like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. N'est-ce pas?

For some reason - must I have reason? - I've been musing on names. . .and one leads to another. . .it seems to me there have been a number of Peters in my one score of years, of various types and styles, color and panache.

Three Peters stand out especially. May I tell you about them? Peter Numero Uno enters around the time of my 4th birthday. His family lived a dune or two down the road from us and we played together of course. The memory which stands out for me is the birthday party. Peter was sitting on the floor next to me opening gifts. I remember his present. . . a wind-up duck which quacked, sounding like the Afflack duck on TV lol. Most of all I remember Peter .. his thick longish brown hair and his flashing dark brown eyes. As I narrate it dawns on me his hair and eyes very similar to mine.

More important, though, are the feelings for him. Peter #1 was my first boy-boy crush! [The next crush was in first grade. . on a curly haired red head. I ran into him recently. Life has not been kind. haahahaa ] Those early-on warm feelings for Peter are still there. I wonder what became of
him . . . .

Thinking back as I do often [ I am a psych major always tryingto connect things] I know I have always been gay. . .well 'different' Know what I mean? Growing up I didn't have the vocabulary but. . .I knew.

Pole-vaulting to the present I wish I could introduce you to my current Peter. . my Portuguese Peter, but I will
tell you a bit: right now still rather possessive. LOL He is a Provincetown native, of a
fishing family who originally came from the Azores, islands off the coast of Portugal. Fishing as a major industry has greatly declined from "the good old days" but you can still go to the docks and buy your supper from"the catch of the day".

Some wag wrote of us "Provincetown is a quaint drinking village with a fishing problem." Baitch. LOL

If you have time here is a link to some marvelous photos slides of the harbour, the fishing fleet, and other objets d'art. ;-)

Though I have seen Portuguese Pete around town I didn't know him. A couple weeks ago I was at a club wearing the required wristband which means though I look old enough I am not legal age to drink. A recent birthday removed the tell-tale band. Peter came over and said "I've been sitting over there watching you, trying to get my nerve up to come over here and say ' I'd like to talk with you. Please don't say NO!" Then that killer smile and flashing eyes. Says I to myself "Baby oh yeah, for as long as you'd like. . "

Wednesday morning I stopped at the Portuguese Bakery in town. Added to the fishing Peter works here also. This is part of the entended family business. They make wonderful stuff and it does a great business. Everybody stops here to get coffee,etc on their way to work. Peter asaults me with "I need a break. C'mon with me!" as he bags two huge 'elephant ears' [flaky flat cinnamon thingy] and I fix the coffee.


We head to the town hall sitting benches, almost diagonally cross corner to the bakery. This is the great place to it and gawk, and also to cruise and be cruised, sometimes referred to as 'the Meat Rack'. lol

Since that first 'break' on Wednesday I've had supper with his large family. Mama says there's always room for one more, as she gives me a big kiss. They are all very cool and very warm. Looks like I'm IN ! Huuaaaaaahhhhh

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Shannon said...

What a great way to hear about the new boy in your life. It is obvious you are smitten. You deserve it babe...

Love ya