Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey Dudes.. . .have you seen this? Looks great. Even if ou dont have an ocean you can do this on lakes and ponds, puddles. . . LOL

Given the right venue you could create your own biblical scenes. . . . .Ooopzss. Naughty. . . . .;-)). . . ..

bad boy justin

Actor Owen Wilson shows of his paddle surfing skills during a vacation in Maui.


Shannon said...

Its Quite common to see guys doing this here on the beaches around Sydney. Good way to keep your legs safe from the sharks.

Justin O'Shea said...

Hmmmmmm. ...OK .but it does seem if you were a shark and were after my legs it would take more than a skimpy surfboard and a toothpick paddle to protect me! LOL

East coast USA had far more shark attacks last summer than usual. None thus far his year.

Pilgrim said...

Try it in the Irish Sea! :-D Propz Pilgrim