Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THIS May Be A Mistake. . .but. . .

A few days ago someone mentioned H1N1, flu. before Shannon got ill, and weren't we wearing masks to protect ourselvs, etc. Tongue-n-cheek, I referred to those with colds as being 'immune deficient". Medically, - look it up, - the common cold results from a deficiency in the immune system. I get run down, over-tired, I am more apt to catch a cold. . because my immune system is weak.

One of the readers felt I was pointing the finger at him and brought my "insensitivity" to my attention. Then this morning I was poking around some links and came upon this, and more, about my ignorance, etc. Things I read only by chance.

I wrote this in my blog earlier:"

“it is summer and some immune-deficiency tourists are getting colds and we locals who cater to them avoid them as much as possible . I do say, though, I haven’t yet seen anyone wearing a protective mask. And, wondrous to report, I haven’t experienced any decline in amorous oral contacts, aka deep tongue explorations, kissing in saundry cozy nooks and crannies.”

"""Some young people do not know how to choose their words carefully… I can’t express to you Justin enough that being ignorant is not cool, especially when you seem so smart…Picking out certain people to point a finger at is not very wise when you write on a gay blog, we all know who you are talking about, and it strikes me as STUPID…

Read more at: Justin Dunes

I really take it personally as a member of a community of men and women who have lived to see hell and survive to tell the story get written about in a derogatory way. I think that our young friend needs to be educated in the ways of seeing men and women as equal and not “other” and or those who should be avoided. This kind of behavior is so 1990…

Youth has its ignorance. There is no room for ignorance. Not today !!! """"

FIRST OFF, I am very sorry you mistook my comments as referring to HIV/AIDs and to you personally. Obviously they were not. I am very sorry with you that you have this problem and happy you are one of the survivors. Hopefully you have taught us younger guys something.

I wasn't born yet when this disease hit the world. I didn't go through those awful days/years with loved ones becoming sick, lingering, dying. . . and folk didn't know what the hell was going on.

My friend, I didnt live thru this era and I do not live in the survivor culture. I would never denigrade HIV positive people, nor point the finger at you. AIDS is not in the forefront of my mind. Everyone isn't pointing at you, shunning you. Even in this gay blog system this is not the main issue in our minds.

I have some grasp of your sensitivity here. I am not a mean guy. I would never do what you mistakenly think I did. I am sorry for you that you thought so. I mean you no harm or hurt.

Peace and all good things. Much,much 'meta'. .


Justin O'Shea


Pilgrim said...

That I can subscribe, being 2 yrs. your junior. Propz Pilgrim...p.s., you got me somewhat wrong in my last comment, anyway.

Stew said...

It is a very touchy subject. I respect anyone living with HIV. When the disease first hit, I felt that the fact that I was born with an immune dificiency became unimportant. Fact is, we all need to respect eachother. And don't take everything so personally. Anyone working with the public, has to deal with sick people all the time. Whatever the sickness is. It's a job hazzard.

Arch said...

I had to re-read Justin's remark a couple of times to see what I missed.

I think someone is just a little too sensitive regardless of whether or not they were a survivor of HIV/AIDS.

Check out WEB MD sometime. There are 100's of illness that may be related to an 'immune deficiency' that have absolutely nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

Len said...

Peace out guys - One small slip up - Give the guy a break, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Don't hear any stones being thrown - good now lets get back to having fun.

Be Safe