Sunday, July 1, 2012

We've Got Company. . . The Whole Tribe is Here!

Yepper, aside from the Great White Sharks in and out of Chatham Harbor swimming 100 yards off our beach. . . .yeah, count 'em. . .feeding time for Great Whites is from dusk to dawn/early morning [roughly 5pm - 9:30am - in broad time-frame].  There is an abundance of nice fat seals, hundreds of them. . .who can count 'em. . lolling on the rocks in the lazy hot sun, cooling off in the water. . . .feeding the Great Whites who are only too happy to snap 'em up. .. gulp...gulp...yummmmm. . . so the feeding frenzie is on.
Also it might be the Sharks have advanced in their communication skills and are inviting all the cousins and cuties in their various families to "Com'On Down. . .Feedin's Real Fine"  basic text, plus Harbor as destination.

And aside from the Sharks, the Whole O'Shea Clan is here, arrived Friday and early Saturday.  Even La Grande Dame. . .Mme Bouvier motored on down in her shiny red VWBeetle , , ,yellow rose on the dash. . . if you please.

This weekend is just for Family celebrating my 24th on June 30-July 2. . .one day just isn't enough.  Tomorrow all the DaSilvas will be here sit-down dinner . . . ..casual dress. . . it's just family, after all.  Lots of food and beverages. . ..No Shark on the menu. . . and the nieces n' nephews do not go near the beach, let lone into the water. . .Mother O'Shea has posted the beach Off Limits to the WholeWideWorld. .. hahahaaaa  [sssshhhhhhhh. . .Momma has taped off with YELLOW TAPE as in Yellow Tape. . ALL the paths down to the beach. . . . .crossing over the TAPE = creating a Crime Scene!  LOL   "CAUTION is the greater part of Valour" etc.

I will keep you informed as things progress. . ..and indeed, Richard, NO repetiton of JAWS !  LOL
                                                                     Justin the Ancient


Gary Kelly said...

If you were God, would you have created a system where every living thing is food for something else? I think it's gross.

I'm assuming you'll say you're not God, so therefore the question is irrelevant.

Anyway, it's nice to know the O'Sheas and DaSilvas are celebrating your 24th. I've heard that the human brain matures at about that age, which explains a few things about the past couple of years hehe.

Happy Birthday, JustinO.

JustinO'Shea said...

Lots of stuff about the last few years could do with some explaining!
nyuk...nyuk. .

Thanks, Gary

Coop said...

Happy birthday Justino :-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, Gary. Correct. I don't mistake God for me. . .lol. . .even tho there is a very close resemblance. ho ho So I have not worried about the arranged food-chain.