Friday, July 6, 2012

In Our Town. . . .the Sharks are here. . . .

"Stay away from Seals". .  "Great White Sharks 60 Feet Off-Shore."

These and similar headlines, attention getters and the like talk about our current Summer Tourists: "the flesh eating Great White sharks". 
These are not the Summer Visitors the Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce would like to attract . . . .but. .. Hey, the tourists are coming. . .they're here. . .and life goes on.  Town officials continue
to warm people to exercise caution and alertness while in the water.

One of the facts about ocean bathers: generally they do not wander off too far from a quick run to safety. . .and generally where the sharks are water temperatures are colder than most beach-lovers care to spend much time in.  Some of the cinemas would be wise to do reruns of JAWS. . .that is quite enough to inspire great caution. . the musical theme tends to stay with you.  LOL

Here is a photo of one of the 16 footers patrolling the waters .  We could caption this  SMILE FOR THE CAMERA !

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Coop said...

It's that Jaws movie...made everybody paranoid :b~~~~
Humans don't own the planet. We only think we do.

JustinO'Shea said...

HUH??? ;-)))

Richard said...

Another good reason to sit by the pool at the Boatslip and enjoy the 2-legged natural beauties. :)

Gary Kelly said...

Yep, the only reason we're not as vulnerable as most members of the food chain is because we control our environment better than most. But once we leave the safety of that environment, watch out!

Did you notice the absence of elbows in those shark pectoral fins? They're not designed for hugging purposes.