Thursday, July 26, 2012

More on BatManKiller and GUNS

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An Arms Race We Can't Win 
       The author of this article served five years in Iraq and Afghanistan in the infantry.



Vengance is a sad thing for a loner. Yet it is always there and
some poor souls have to be in that
certain place or area. Then the sick minds are always around the
corner. Be it guns, child molesting, or the crooks in politics, they take the route of the devil. We can't all be good. but there are many evil things that
make us make the wrong judgement,
and everyone pays for that mistake,
one way or another. The only Place
is to be in heaven with God...
If we know Him and Serve Him, we will be with Him, in the Land of His Heaven. What a Test!!!

Gary Kelly said...

Precisely... an arms race we cannot win. And Rad? Forget about heaven till you get there. We have to deal with the here and now before we start taking harp lessons.

Gary Kelly said...

Last night, a guest on an Aussie TV show called Planet America was the mayor of Pittsburg. He was asked about gun laws in the US. One of his answers was about the annual murder rate in New York City, which has dropped in recent years from 1200-ish to 400, making NYC the safest city per capita in the US.

So I Googled the figures in Oz. The latest official figure I could find is from 2006-7. In that year, there were 260 murders in the entire country of which less than 16% involved guns.

The current homicide rate in Oz is 1.2 in 100,000.

Another interesting thing the mayor said about our two countries is that there's a significant cultural difference. The emphasis in the US is on individual rights whereas here in Oz it's on community rights. What's good for the community is good for the country.