Sunday, July 8, 2012

CHATHAM, MA. . ."a quaint drinking town with a fishing problem."

Jul 01, 2011


JustinO'Shea said...

HI. . Yesterday afternoon a roving CBS cameraman arrived in The Dunes, poking around for photo-shoots. Peter, Billy and I were hanging out up on the ridge, looking down on one of the sandbar areas where the innocent seals were hanging out in the sun, in and out of the water keeping cool. . just hanging out. Smart ones. . not a GWShark in sight. . ..even from above we couldn't see any.
He asked and received perm. to film and record as we chatted. . . I looked at CBS news last evening. ..a longish piece on Chatham but. . DaDunesBois din't make it. . .I checked. . hehe. . .would have notified you or caught copy.
He apologized he didn't have the make-up girl with him. . hahahahaa.
Yepper, he is from La Famiglia. . .oh yes indeed. LOL Mais oui,nous sommes partout. . . yepper. ;-)
ciao ciao. . . JustinO.

Jim said...

Just watched this on CNN with Anderson Cooper! Go figure...all in the family I guess!!
You boys be careful there and stop hanging out with the bait....the seals!! lol

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho ho. . . oh, we avoid the bait. . .seals included. . ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Pity DaDunesBois didn't get their few minutes of glory on telly. As to the sharks getting all the attention from the cameras, doesn't make sense to me... they're not wearing makeup either. Discrimination if you ask me.