Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too many. . . Too often. . . For what ???


Jabacue said...

Very powerful indeed. Yes, we feel the same way in Canada as far as all the young people dying....and for what?! Who the hell cares who they may sleep with!!!

Gary Kelly said...

And for what? For the same reason young people have been cannon fodder for countless millennia, and will continue to be. War is intrinsic to human nature.

If you wanna change human nature, you gotta convince nature to go back to the drawing board and start again.

As to who the hell cares who they may sleep with, who do you think?

THEY do. And there will always be a THEY.

Stew said...

I wish that I could say that every veteran that I have buried was old and had lived a long life. I find it very frustrating for everyone when we have to take care of a young kid.
But I feel for the loss on the other side as well when a young person is lead to believe that Americans are evil and that we must all die.
In the end, we all lose.

In my line of work, we see all faiths. I have a respect for every one of them. It doesn't matter if I agree with them or not. I respect them all. It's a shame that this war is based on everyone not respecting others views.

We are a world of individuals, trying to be like everyone else. And trying to make everyone else like us. Respect the differences. Honor the differences. Celebrate the differences.

Gary Kelly said...

Well said, Stew.

Coop said...

"Respect the differences. Honor the differences. Celebrate the differences."
Well said, Stew.

I personally don't know what to say about this cartoon; other than that it is a very moving message.

Stew said...

I unfortunately have seen the real thing... not just a cartoon.

Not something I'd care to see again.