Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks to All The People


I am amazed by the people who have visited JUSTIN DUNES  since July 1, 2010! There have been 10,092 visits to the blog in 74 days!  Awesome.  ;-)  I do not want to get into the numbers game but I must admit I am surprised and pleased by your coming here.  ;-)

I sincerely hope that you do find something of value here for yourselves and those dear to you also. I  hope by the fact you keep coming back means it serves you in some ways.  I appreciate too those of you who have taken time to leave comments and for the on-going dialog which is going on.

I find your ideas, comments, suggestions interesting, challenging at times, supportive.  I hope we can and will continue to meet at the DUNES. 

with esteem, affection and good wishes,
      justin o'shea   


Coop said...

Why should you be surprised?? I like it here.

The guy in the pic is Cute! Who is he I wonder?
I'm not blushing this time :)

Jabacue said...

Geez! Move over Davey comes Justin!!!
Keep up your good work.

PhotosbyErich said...

Congrats on the Stats! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy or a nicer blog!

JustinO'Shea said...

aaawwwww. . . . .geeeeee. . . tanx.


Gary Kelly said...

You attract a high caliber following here, JustinO. No dumb groupies.

JustinO'Shea said...

I agree. You are ALL super guys!

Anonymous said...

Well, Justin, I keep coming back cos I like it here. It's confortable.
For some strange reason you've not attracted the dumb set. No flamers, no idiots.
Strange really. Maybe they see "us" (hee hee, I'm turning?) as not very controversial and no fun to disagree with.

I gotta say I like the pleasant and feeling way that discussions take place, there are differing opinions but that is as far as it goes, fortunately. No abusive arguments and nasty crap...almost too genteel? Nope not a bit of it, all very adult.

Maybe you don't attract the "wrong people" because you don't have porn on your site, but then again neither does Davey Wavey....hmmm...I'm not sure why.

But keep it up and I'll be back with my 2 cents worth, for what it's worth.

You make me think. And that's not a bad idea. Strange for me to say really, for one who considers himself well-grounded and thinks he knows everything about himself, I've enjoyed discovering more about myself...nothing surprising, maybe it's just the opportunity to put what (I think) I know into words, I've never done that about myself before and I thank you for this opportunity you've afforded me in your blog.
It makes no real difference if anyone reads it, and comments on it, I feel I've accomplished things by being able to express it and tie it up in little bundles that I'm happy with.

Neat. Thanks.

Greg in grey, spring-is-almost-in-the-air-but-we-had-a-relapse Adelaide