Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death Penalty Survey

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Should a Virginia woman on death row face execution despite an IQ bordering on retardation?
Yes, she was convicted of planning a heinous crime. 3%
No, her low IQ is evidence she is mentally unfit. 30%
I don't believe in the death penalty. 68%


Jabacue said...

The Death Penalty does not exist in Canada.....mind you a lot of people would like to have it here. I don't. No matter what the crime, I think it is a very barbaric and uncivilized act to take someone else's matter what end you're on.

JustinO'Shea said...

JIM: I Wish we had no death penalty thru-out the USA!

Seems to me life in prison without parole is a longer, real punishment than barbaric execution. Texas leads the way in barbarism in the US.

AND, as COOP commented earlier, what if they are mistaken. . .it HAS happened before. . . .a LOT!

JustinO'Shea said...
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Stew said...

At first thought, I'd rather die than to sit in jail for the rest of my life. However, I know myself and I'd make the best of it. I guess death would be the easy way out.

I mentioned that judges are elected because we, as voters, need to be more mindful of who and what we are voting for. And take ownership when things go wrong as well as right. Even the appointed judges get there from the ones that we elect. Don't claim that you didn't vote for someone if you didn't vote against them either.

Whatever the outcome, I wish this woman the best and hope that she has found peace within.

Gary Kelly said...

There are credible arguments for and against capital punishment.

It just so happens that I don't condone it. Whether or not I'm right or wrong is debatable. But I don't believe that two wrongs make a right.

If you're going to take a human life, in my opinion, it can only be justified if it saves another's life, as in the case of self-defense, or the defense of an innocent party, or if the life being taken is an act of mercy such as in serious cases of euthanasia.

Meantime, it was interesting to see those statistics with the vast majority of voters against the death penalty.

jimm said...

Some ppl think every person who commits murder is sick.

Im not pro-death penalty. Still, it's hard to feel sorry for her. What was her IQ when she plotted it all out?

I do think it is unfair that all 3 of them didn't get life.

Jus my opinion.

JustinO'Shea said...

I don't "feel sorry" for her. . . and yet what happened is so heinous. . just as heinous as what will yet happen.

I agree with so many of you. . . yet it is not about "winning". . it's about life, human life, God-given life however you may perceive God. .
There is great mystery here. . .far beyond my growing mind and heart comprehension and compassion.

Some may ridicule her simple words "I guess it is time to go to Jesus. . .". . but to me there is great beauty in such simplicity. An ability to trust without fear. . a surety that "all will be well. . .all manner of things will be well..." She may be dumb, programmed or not, but she is smart enough to see beyond the here and now. . .. and, stupid as I may be.. hehe. . .THAT seeing beyond is a great gift.


Anonymous said...

Death is too easy.
Life without even the remotest possibility of parole would have to be the most severe punishment you could give someone....without sinking to barbaric tortures and depravation....and I certainly don't condone that course of action.

Death just ends their punishment, not good enough as a punishment in my opinion, it just provides them with an "out" like suicide would.

Greg in Adelaide