Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lumens/ Sun/ Hibernation / Assorted Stuff

Don't "pay me no never mind " (fractured franglish). .just some wandering observations. . . . . justin


Hey there, Mister Man. . . are you in touch with your "inner lover"?  Wats cookin', man?

Just came from my own class. . .attending one, taking notes, learnin; stuff. . .I guess,. . .LOL
I am in a strange mood this morning. . . .can't put my finger on it. . . .quietly trying.  I'm in my shared, presently alone, TA office with a cuppa and a toasted Portuguese muffin. .  .not like but like an english muffin. . .;-) . . .has a few raisins, with a hint of some spice...just a slight hint, mind ya. . .buttered, course.  Always keep some of the bare essentials  [essentially I like being bare] in the small fridge. . . emergency stuff. .  .like butter, coffee cream, coffee of course, p-butter, and some basic munchy food.   There's a Folger's coffee can sitting on the fridge. . . for monetary contributions to maintain EMG foods.

I am in a grey-green [not from age!] comfy recliner, leaning back, feet elevated, laptop in place.   I'm a little sore last night and today.
Was out on my regular run. . . Run for Svelt. . . ho ho ho. . . guess I pulled a muscle. . ..NO! not that one!  . . .upper thigh  and lower buttock [aka gluteous maximus = big but. .ho ho ho ] are a tad sore. . .

Hard to believe we are already well into the semester!  And verging on the Autumnal Equinox. . ya know what means here in the North East. . . .gradually declining days and longer nights. . . .Then we reverse the process, ever so gradually, come the Winter Solstice. . .only a hit of a tad of longer daylight.  I rather hate those dark, cloudy, early lights on days of November.  Some of us are somewhat hampered by the declining dosages of serotonin we need to feel normal and that's when surprising bouts of 'the blues' show up and hits of depressions weigh heavily for some of us.

We're not too far upward on the evolutionary scale and that inner drive to hibernate [to hole up, curl up, hide away in a dark cave and sleep the winter months away] hasn't entirely been squelched by the "industrial revolution" . . hehehe. . .No we live in a world of constant lights-on. . . look around at stores. . .malls. . .ablaze with those fluttering flourescent lights which tire out the eyelid muscles 'cuz we 'flicker' with the lights.  Or look at those of us college and universties. . ..walk anywhere on campus and look in the windows. . walk into any building. . ..ablaze with fake light. . . everywhere. . ..even the bathrooms. . .locker rooms. . .. showers. . . .no dark corners to sneak into for a little "privacy", as it were.  The ever-present Dachau Decor:  myriads of flourescent lites!!!

And NONE of these lights give us lumens. . . .we need lumens which the cloudy days do not provide.. . the lumens come from the SUN.
No wonder our world is nutz!  We live our lives in fake environments!  A human being needs 10,000 lumens  a day  to feel normal  !
In the dark cloudy days of Fall and Winter  we may be lucky to get 300 - 400 lumens.  No wonder people feel we New Englanders are a tad strange.  LOL  We are deprived, babes, deficient in the natural sun vitamins like serotonim .

've noticed, I am sure, how much better you feel when you wake up to a sunny day. . . and how good it is to be out in the sun as long as we can.   In the olden days. . .before TV video/pc games  I am told kids played outside most of the day, come in to eat, and back out till sunset.  What a contrast today.  The so-called Gothic look is essentially sun-deprivation. . . the night people, vampires. . . and they don't all look like Taylor Lautner !!!

Oh my, how did I get carried away with all this stuff???  Well in one lecture series we are talking about and delving into depression. . .DE PRESS SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. . . .OY VEY , 'Adam and 'Eva !

"This little light of mine. . I'm gonna let it shine. . shine. . .shine. . ."  Keep smiling, babes.  Guys will wonder what your up to. LOL

Have some lumens. . ..  ;-)



Gary Kelly said...

How can light be fake if it's made from stuff found in nature? Just because it's not the same as sunlight, does that make it fake?

Anyway, your Run for Svelt and pulled muscle reminded me of my dream last night that I was pumping like crazy to inflate my bicycle tires but they refused to hold the air, and remained squishy. Maybe there was a message there.

Svelt schmelt.

Anonymous said...

"Dachau Decor" ....lol.... I'll have to remember that one. Good phrase indeed.

Greg in (finally sunny) Adelaide

Gary Kelly said...

Jack just favorited a clip on Youtube. It's a hoot, so I did too. It's about college roomates. And apart from anything else, the guy is cute.


J said...

Definitely sounds as if you need a little light therapy. Every house should have a solarium. If there isn't one handy You'll just have to hop a flight for Florida during the dark months.

JustinO'Shea said...

Ah yes. . .a solarium. . . nice IF and WHEN the sun shines. . . but just as dreary as the rest of a house on those rainy, dark, cloudy, overcast, dreary days! ;-)

There ARE light bulbs, light boxes and so forth.

Stew said...

A recent study has determined that most Americans are vitamin D deficiant.

I work midnights (when I'm not a funeral whore). No daylight there. And then sleep most of the day. I'm always glad to stand out in the parking lot at any area funeral home just to get some sun.

One day last spring (after a long winter of no sun) I actually fell asleep on the lawn all day.... woke up sun burnt. But I got my vitamin D!

JustinO'Shea said...

Hahahaaaa. . .I can just hear the ensuing dialog:. . .

"Oh. . not tonight. honey. . I'm all on fire. . ."