Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some thoughts from a letter to COOPs. . . .

Hi there COOPs. . . . .YO!

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LOOKS like we are having a superkaliphragilisticexpialodosis weekend. . . . .phew, that was a mouthful ! ho ho ho
LUV this weather. . . . no humidity to speak of. . . my pores can breathe. . . .air. . .beautiful air. . . .I am sucking up a cup of groovey freshly ground organic coffee. . . .hidey hudey ho. . . .hahahaaa and munching on a cranberry walnut muffin. . .how more Cape Cod-ey can I get. . . .? heehehe PLUS I had an excellent night sleep. . .with the down comforter pulled right up under my chin. . .snuggled clo se at times next to a lovely loving warm body of the guy I picked up last night and brought home from the alleys of Provincetown. . . .wooo wo o o o I hardly heard Peter when he left in the wee hours of the day for 4 AM open-up to get the bread goink.

Aaaaaahhhh COOPs how blessed I am ! God is sure good to Peter & me ! Being with Peter i never feel. . ..ever. . . that I am turning my back on God. . .God is part of us and we of God. If and when we get married it will take THREE to get married. . .Peter, me, God. And the friggin' bigots - in and out of church - say we are ruining society, threatening family life, a blight and cancer on the world. . . some would round us up and jail us in the "detention centers" aka concentration camps [ look at the meaning of those words. . concentration. . . ] aka jails around the country built by Haliburton for the government !!! Like the US government did to American citizens of Japanese origin during WW II .

Yesterday was the 65 anniversary of the massacre of thousands upon thousand of civillians in Hiroshima. And we did it again a few days later on Nagasaki. . . . .shame shame shame!

Nuclear weapons ruin society, threaten and destroy family life, cause unspeakable pain and destruction of innocent men, women and children. BUT hey ! there is good money in the war business! FYE on that hypocrisy. . . ! Fear mongering is also destructive of society, family life, p e o p l e .

Several years back one of the holy evangelical preachers. . ..I think his name might have been Robertson. . .wrote a book in which he outlined a solution to "the Gay Agenda". Briefly it was this: round up all the gay and lesbian people in the USA and hold them in detention centers around the country. Offer them a chance to give up their evil ways and stop being homosexuals and when they did that, release them. Those would could not or would not change would be exterminated. The Gay Problem would be resolved in one week,. . "thank you very much" and society would be cleansed and healed !

I ran across this info when I was doing a research paper on Gays and the Fundamentalist Churches in under grad psychology seminar on human sexuality. I do not remember the name of the book, etc, but if I get on it, I could find it again, surely. . ."find it once, find it twice" once i get a move on! hahahaaa

By the way, I got so wrapped up in my agenda, I am almost forgetting to tell you I think your write-up and examples about gay-bashing is good. Do it. . . if you are still inclined. ;-)) I still think it needs saying.

I have no plans for today. . . .except I DO! Peter and I are getting together after work. . . .I have some stuff I want to do here around home. We are having dinner together . . OUT. . . .out of Provincetown. hehe We are going "down Cape" and see how the others do things. LOL We are going to a quiet place with excellent food and lots of it where we can enjoy being together . . . . .shesssshhhhhh. . .we sound like "an old married couple". . . .well, we DO like each other. . . .. ;-)

Anyway. . . I am off. . .in more ways than one! Take good care. . .enjoy your weekend. Hey. . .did you have a birthday recently? You mention in one of your posts that you are 28. . .when did that happen? Belated wishes. Had I known I woulda baked you a cake. . . .or bought one. . .and set off fireworks over the North Shore. hahahaa



Gary Kelly said...

How stupid was that Robertson person? Round up all the gays and lesbians and exterminate the radicals? Who does he think gives birth to gays and lesbians? It sure as hell ain't gays and lesbians.

Like I keep saying, get rid of homophobia and you'll solve the problem.

And what you said about you and Peter enjoying being together, JustinO, says it all in my book. Good food and good company... way to go.

Gary Kelly said...

As to the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and shame shame shame, I think it would have been more of a shame if Australia had been invaded by the Japanese. They had already attacked Sydney Harbor, and bombed the crap out of Darwin. I was almost 1 year old at the time.

Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the quickest way to convince Japan to surrender. Otherwise the allies would have been obliged to invade Japan, and who knows how many lives on both sides would have been lost.

I think America did the right thing. It ended the insanity and saved the South Pacific.

JustinO'Shea said...

So NUCLEAR WEAPONS/ ATOMIC BOMBS was THE way to do it??????
Holy Cow!!!!!

Gary Kelly said...

My memory must be failing because I don't remember using those words.

JustinO'Shea said...

YOU didnt SAY those words. . I SAID THEM. . . being caustic and asking if that was the only way we could end the war by nukking all those CIVILIANS .. .men, women, KIDS, old people. . .frying them to death and burning others for life????

THAT is what happened. my friend. . and YOU approve of that? YOU said the USA was justified. . .NEVER EVER!

THAT is reason for shame, shame, shame. . . and they did not know what it would do. . .it was an experiment. YOU approve that???

C'mon. . .tell me. . .really. . you approve that? WoW. . . bad shape we are. . .

justin o'shea

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, I approve.

Would it have been more acceptable if America had dropped conventional bombs on Japanese civilians like those used to bomb civilians Germany?

Or is it just the fact that they were atomic bombs that concerns you?

Would it have been more acceptable to invade Japan and put allied troops lives at risk in the process?

Have you seen photos of emaciated Australian POWs forced to work on the Burma Railway by the Japanese?

Do you know about the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea where Aussies were outnumbered 10 to 1 by the Japanese invading forces?

Has it occurred to you that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki actually saved more lives than it cost?

Yes, the use of atomic bombs was an experiment... a desperate measure in desperate times. And they WERE desperate times. Something needed to be done to end the war, and it needed to be done quickly. It's all very well to condemn that decision today. But today is not August 1945.

Yes, I approve.

JustinO'Shea said...

You and i come from different worlds, in thinking and perspective on this matter. There may be others.

You have the right to write what you believe; this applies to everyone, even the homophobes which I classify as Camp-Stupid. . .as do you, I think. ;-)

Just because I don't like what you write on this topic, and I do not agree with you, I still respect and even hold a certain affection for you. . . lol.

Even though Assuredly you and I would scrap a lot, I am sure I'd enjoy knowing you and bantering back n forth on "matters of consequence".

Peter and I disagree on some things. . .( mostly trivia. .LOL). . but that doesn't change our relationship. Thank God we are not carbon copies! One of me is quite enough . . LOL

Cheerio, "maite". . .


ken said...

As to the A-bombs I was young but around at that time. The problem was the Japanese were religious fanatics the emperor was god the military had placed the emperor under palace arrest the planned to say that the emperor ordered every citizen to fight to the death and never surrender. To invade Japan We would have lost about 1 million men. Unfortunately The Bomb was necessary.It caused the Emperor to smuggle out a recording of his voice asking the people to surrender.

Enjoying 10 days in P=town Recommend Macs Shack in wellfleet for seafood to anyone going down cape.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, KEN, for this new-to-me info:
" the military had placed the emperor under palace arrest they planned to say that the emperor ordered every citizen to fight to the death and never surrender. "

I had never read this important part, so thanks for the added info.

Enjoy your visit! ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, JustinO, in real life you and I would indeed scrap a lot. I'd spend half the time arguing with you, and the other half accepting your aplogies.


Gary Kelly said...

And don't believe all that crap about there being two o's in aplogy.

Coop said...

I saw your initial thoughts on the bombing, Justin, and I didn't comment on them because we were discussing other stuff. I thought you were wrong, but I was not angry.
I was going to ask you if you knew lot about the end of World War II.

Ken and Gary added exactly what I was going to add to this discussion. Actually, there was a special on History International on Sunday night about the planned invasion of Japan. The planned invasion was called off partially because of the American experience on Okinawa.

The U.S. and the USSR stockpiled so many nukes between them that the world would be destroyed. If one superpower pressed the big red button; the other would retaliate. Kaboom.
'We don't want to nuke the Commies because they'll launch one at us'. Mutually Assured Destruction.