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Free Condoms Now Available To First Graders In Provincetown, MA Share: Email Story Twitter Facebook Stumbleupon Add to Any by TheCameraObscura | June 24, 2010 at 12:26 am

  Hi GENTS. . . . .I posted a bit on this earlier. . .Now that a few more have got their feet wet posting here, I put this up again, and fuller coverage, to see how you'd weigh into this. . .for 1st Graders???????   Justin

Condom distribution policy starting in elementary school at Provincetown, Mass.

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010, 3:48 PM
A school committee in Provincetown, Mass. has adopted a condom policy beginning as early as elementary school.
A school committee in Provincetown, Mass. has adopted a condom policy beginning as early as elementary school.

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Sex education starts early, especially if you go to elementary school in Provincetown, Mass.
That’s because the school committee has unanimously adopted a condom distribution policy beginning as early as first grade.
According to the Provincetown Banner, the program requires that students speak to a school nurse or trained counselor before receiving condoms.
The committee also directed school leaders not to honor demands from parents who object to their kids receiving protection.
Some members on the committee were wary because the program requires that students speak to school officials first.
But Beth Singer, the school’s superintendent, said she wanted to guarantee younger students get information on how to use condoms because there is no age limit.
“We’re talking about younger kids,” said Singer. “They have questions they need answered on how to use them, when to use them.”


dxp2718 (not verified)
at 04:55 on June 24th, 2010
(Unlubricated) condoms make really great water balloons.
Albert Milliron
I guess it is the conservative in me... but I think that circumventing parents is dead wrong.  IN America it takes a parents signature to get a Tattoo or ears pierced but one can get an Abortion (in some states) or grab a few condoms.  It is poor policy.
Vereena Kasten
Cathlene Noble
How dare any school think that is it okay to overstep the wishes of parents. The job of a school is to educate children not to raise them. Better be glad I am not one of those parents. I'd not only pull my kids out of that school, I'd pack up and move out of that effing town. I call for all parents of those kids to have a staged sick day, keep all your kids home from school to send a message to the school board.
OMG, what do a 1st grader need with the condom!? This is sending them a wrong messages. We are teaching them its ok to have sex at a young age as long as you use a condom. Plus theres a possibilitie the condom will break and cause you to get pregnant or the STD. Yeah it good that they are having sex ed at the very young age, but shouldnt we encourage kids to wait until marriage to have sex. What are we teaching them about morals and self-respect? Im disappointed in the messages these authority figures are sending to our youth.
Ya, such a programme will reduce the number of 1st graders having unprotected sex.

Before posting a "report", it would be helpful to have more direct knowledge of the situation. The policy is not as was picked up and spread by the media. While there was no age or grade level specified in the school committee policy, there was no intention of promoting this to elementary school students. Talk radio has jumped on the story, like playing telephone, exaggerating it with every re-telling. Get the facts before spreading third-hand stories. The school committee will be revising the policy to make the age-appropriate specifications clear.

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Coop said...

I still CAN'T believe this. Do kids in first grade have any idea what sex is??

If a child is too young to feel the "urges", forget about it!

Gary Kelly said...

I'm not sure how I stand on this issue. But I can think of at least one point worth making.

I know a girl who was 17 when she had sex with a much younger boy because "virgins are almost non-existent"... the point being that first graders don't always have sex with other first graders, and they're not always the instigators of the affair.

Jabacue said...

I can see grades 5 and 6 having access to condoms and education on their use. Are grade 1 kids really being considered? Or is this part of the story 'media hype' gone crazy!

J said...

Yea, Gary, but First Graders? I can see teaching it to 10 or 11-year-olds, but think there's something disgusting about explaining rubbers to 6 and 7-year-olds.

jimm said...

dunno 'bout 1st grade, but i had such a crush on my 2nd grade teacher! how i wished i had a ribbed wrapper for her!

Next there was my 7th grade music teacher! i desperately needed a raincoat! but she jus wanted to play my flute, so, didnt matter.

my 10th grade blonde Spanish teacher, fresh outta Oswego St. omg, she was hot!!! i missed a test jus so she would reschedule it for... after skewl !!! But DAMM, no free condoms!!!! Dumb skewl !!

Then i met Rocky...

JustinO'Shea said...

I agree with you here, J.
Are 1st graders even capable of using one?

Stew said...

I agree with Jim (Jabacue) here... I think it's just the media hype. When you read the details, the kid has to ask for one. Therefore, kids that don't know what sex is yet, will not be asking. And I'd personally want my kid getting what he or she needs and not be afraid of what Dad's opinion is.
Plus have you seen what some stores charge?!
You're not going to stop kids from exploring. I'd rather them be safe than sorry.

Gary Kelly said...

We have a different school system here. I was thinking first graders were like 10 or 11.

JustinO'Shea said...

And again, Stew, how much exploring are 1st graders going to do anyway?!

JustinO'Shea said...

Exactly, m'dear, a LOT happens between ages 5/6 and 10/11, , INDEED!
Makes all the difference. . .;-))

Coop said...

Let's get technical, here, shall we :)

prepubescent: a person who has not yet reached puberty.

puberty: The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.

I think first graders can be referred to as 'prepubescent'.

Gary Kelly said...

I've never shopped for condoms. Are they available in various sizes? Like shoes?