Monday, August 9, 2010

Massachusetts Campaign TV Ad

PLEASE check this out and watch the video. . .There still is HOPE. Hnmmm another mick running. . .O'Leary. . .hmmmm ;-)
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Today our campaign is launching the first TV ad of the MA 10th Congressional campaign. We're focusing on the need to end the war in Afghanistan because, after spending nine years and 300 billion dollars, it's time to end this war, bring our troops home and focus on creating good American jobs that can't be shipped overseas.

Watch Rob O'Leary's Ad Get Out

Our 30 second ad is called "Get Out" and you can watch it here:

I'm the only candidate in this race calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan. I believe that we simply can't continue to fund an endless war when so many people here are suffering, the deficit is growing, and the economy is so fragile.

Our campaign needs your help. Please forward this email to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. You can help us keep this ad running by making a secure online donation here: It's important that people know that there is a candidate in this race committed to bringing our troops home and investing our tax dollars here.

Thank you for your support,


Coop said...

Is he in your district, Justin?

The state legislative races in my district are contentious. My state senator (Sue Tucker) is retiring and one of the state reps in town in running for her seat.

Since my town is split in two for the purposes of the house of reps; I'm not sure Who my candidates are.

Gary Kelly said...

The whole Afghanistan issue is a dilemma. Do we pull out and waste the lives of those who died for a lost "cause"? Do we stay and risk more lives? Is the job worth finishing? Will the Afghans be able to determine their own future after we leave? Do we risk Afghanistan becoming a breeding ground for terrorists?

My gut instinct tells me that if you start something, you should see it through and finish it.

The problem with being anti war is convincing the other side to agree with you.

J said...

Let's see...We went into Operation Enduring Freedom after 9/11 for the express purpose of interdicting Al Qaeda and its host the Taliban government. If we withdraw, the Taliban and Mullah Omar will probably regain control, at grave loss to the civilian population, especially women. (Have you seen the Time magazine cover of the 18-year-old woman whose nose and ears were lopped off by the Taliban because she fled her in-laws' home to escape their abuse?) And Osama will be free to return to his old bases. To date the total US troops killed in theater is 1146, and the total coalition losses are 1993. In short, our losses after nine years of conflict there are less than the total civilian losses sustained on 9/11. We entered World War II and sustained 416,800 military deaths after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, in which 2,402 lost their lives, 57 of them civilians.
Given the barbarism and singlemindedness of the enemy in this conflict, we should be prepared to sustain considerably more casualties in the effort to put Bin Laden's head on a pike. Obama was right when he said that the Afganistan conflict was the war we should have been fighting all along. Iraq justifiably soured us. But it is difficult to escape the conclusion that those who want us out of Afganistan really are pacifists for whom any military incursion is unjustified. A candidate who espouses Mr. O'Leary's views wouldn't get a dime of my money, or my vote.

Gary Kelly said...

If I ever get into deep poo with the law, I reckon I'd feel a lot better if J was on my side. :)

Coop said...

I always believed that we should be in Afghanistan. I like what J had to say about this:

"We went into Operation Enduring Freedom after 9/11 for the express purpose of interdicting Al Qaeda and its host the Taliban government. If we withdraw, the Taliban and Mullah Omar will probably regain control, at grave loss to the civilian population, especially women."
However... unfortunately... Al Quaeda is everywhere. Everywhere!!

War and armed conflict Suck! It is an unfortunate neccesity and it traumatizes many of the soldiers who engage in it. Anyone who gets their jollies from combat has serious mental health problems.

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, I will say it: I don't agree with you on this war issue. i just don't. . .;-) but I love you just the same. So there! lol

War is not good for children and other living creatures.


J said...

I used to have a friend who was a confirmed pacifist and often said that he couldn't do harm to another person. Then he got married and had a daughter. He came to work one day and told his colleagues that he was playing with the baby on the living room rug the night before, and suddenly realized that he loved that child so much he would kill anyone who tried to harm her. The moral to the story, Justin, is that war may at times be good for children, as where without armed intervention they would be consigned to an oven. (Remember that scene from Schindler's List, when he watches with horror as the SS herds a little girl in a red coat through the ghetto?) Indeed, there are times when it would be immoral not to go to war.

JustinO'Shea said...

Sincere thanks for all your comments and especially for your convictions expressed. Indeed it is a privilege to be "privy" to your souls.

I daresay we have come a long way from my original question/statement about the immorality of the usage of nuclear weapons. . . . ;-)


Coop said...

I also meant to say that war traumatizes all people.
There should have been an "even" in there. 'It (war) EVEN traumatizes many of the soldiers'.

If we agreed on everything, Justin, our relationship would be tedious and boring :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Ha ha ha. .well COOPs, it is anything but that. . .tedious and boring! ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey COOPs. . .we are in the arena of speculation right here. . ."If we withdraw, the Taliban and Mullah Omar will probably regain control, at grave loss to the civilian population, especially women.
However... unfortunately... Al Quaeda is everywhere. Everywhere!!"

It is not our place USA and Nato to decide on the type and quality of religious practice in these countries., , ,esp with the needless deaths of men and women from the 'coalition".

Mullah Omar or someone stronger than he will continue to dictate and express the "religion or faith expressions" of the those ruling with the iron hand. And the dictates about the status of women is well defined in the lived experience of these people for many many more years than you and I together have experiences. . .plus. plus. . .

We Americans are practically clueless in even trying to grasp the mid-eastern mind. . . even the understand of what a word may mean is civilizations apart. . .we do not think the same, etc etc etc.
A "democratic government" will never work for them. . . .hell, it doesn't really work for US!. . .they are a centuries old patriarchal tribal culture/civilization. Man-set geographic lines do not make a nation. . .tribal affiliation and allegiance do. . . Even we so- called "democratic nations" are still struggling with primal and ancestral patriarchal/tribal residue not far below the surface of collective consciousness. . . .let alone the surface of UNconsciousness.

As someone recently quipped "Give them our Constitution. . .we haven't used it in years." LOL

There, bro, how you like them apples? hahahahaa

Still love you, recalcitrant rebel. . . .hahahaha

justin sandy dunes

Coop said...

I Don't LIKE my stance on this issue. I wish there was a different way. Do we have to keep talking about this?

Love you too, Justin :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Of course we do NOT have to keep talking about this issue. . .not at all.

What would you like to talk about? hmmm? Why we could talk about promiscuity. . . or abstinence. . .or work or going back to school. . .or the color of the socks I am not wearing. . . .do you like sandals. . or wish I could live in the jungle, just me and the monkey, swinging from the trees and playing hide-n-go-seek. . . or sit in silence and say our mantra.. . ooohhhmmmm shantivanaaammm. . . without end. Amen.


Go ahead. . .slap me. . . I dare you. . .hahahahaa