Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Days. . . . . . School Daze. . . .

Good Morning Everyone. . . . . . .It is 63*f, with 88% humidity.  Wouldj'all like a slice of the mush pie? Please. .  . . Please. . . be my guest.  Today the color blue is much preferable to black.  Nature has given us enough dark shades.

Yesterday's pounding surf has quieted down quite a lot.  It was awesome. . . standing out in the dunes, in our backyard, really, was awesome. . . .wind blowing, looking down the high banks to the beach below, the high  waves waves crashing onto the beach. . . loudly pounding the shore. . . . just that wonderful feeling of "being in it" and still "being safe". . . .NICE!

Doesn't seem to be much erosion on our beach. . . the rocks are still there and the sand seems relatively free of debris.  Sometimes after a hard storm the beach is rather cluttered with all sorts of "treasures". . . .The sun might even come out later on today. . . .it's UP there. . . . 

ROAD TRIP>  A little later today I will load up my FIT. . .Honda Fit. . and head back to campus for a few days.  I plan on being home in good time for Labor Day weekend.  Mme Bouvier (my gramma) says she's like some company.  (I am an not-for-profit guest in her home.  I have my own apartment at one end of the house, with my own entrance if I am coming in later.  Gram is very discreet. . . she never comments of any late-night arrivals.  Claims she never hears me. . ;-)
She loves having "someone to cook for" and loves it when Peter arrives for the weekend. "Ahhh nice. . both my boys are home!"  We love her loving fussing over us, and Gram is a wonderful cook!

I want to unpack my stuff and settle it into my space.  Then I will mosey on over to campus and hunt down my mentor and some others in the psych department who prolly with me roaming around somewhere or t'other.  I want to chat up my mentor [for whom I am a TA . . teaching assistant. . . .this comes with a stipend, btw. . ;-) ].  Under his supervision and guidance I teach two sections on Intro Psych three times a week.  I had one section last year and they had asked me to take on a second. . if I could. . . So, of course, Do-All-O'Shea agreed.  I hope I haven;t bitten off more than I can handle.

I was chatting yesterday with one of the guys-en-blog about that and he asked me if I found the more I had on my plate, the more energy I seemed to have to work on it. . . And I guess that is true. . . .I guess. . . I can 'rise to the occasion' I've observed.

So I want to look into the line-up, class sizes, etc. . . and organize my class stuff for the freshmen and freshladies. . . .and check into my own program.  This is finish up semester on my Masters. . .whuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh !

I will be sure to get all your postings "approved and online"  and report in on all major and news-breaking events as the slosh down on the world of academia.

Ciao ciao ~~~

Look how the light hits his eyes. . . . .sees right thru me. .;-))


Coop said...

That guy looks A LOT like you :)

I'm sure you will be able to handle teaching 2 sections... how many students are there?
How many classes do you have to take? Any thesis, etc. etc.

I am the same way, Justin. The more I have to do, the more I get done.
The idea is to find a proper balance ;-)
My newest adjustment is... no more late nights on the blogs. That cuts into the Zzzzzzzzzzzzz time. I'm either up late commenting or lying in bed pondering some interesting thing I found here on the Dunes.

I think the best looking small hatchback these days is the Ford Fiesta/ Mazda 2. Or... the Mini.

Jabacue said...

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to school you go! Have a great 'first few days'. I am soo glad I don't have to do it though!