Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salut, tous le monde. . ..Hey, Everybody. . .;-))

I still ask myself "Where has summer gone?" Weather has been quite nice,  the kind of weather I like being at the Cape.  I seem to be suffering "brain freeze" as far as posting on my blog. . . On the quiet I do read the comments you send in and then 'post them' for the WholeWideWorld to read and oooooh and aaaaah about. . .

We are back in full session at the Uni, almost like we never left and went home back in May. . .or was it June?  It's all like just last week. ;-)  My own PhD program goes on and on:  more and more work at the clinic and teaching are directly tying into it.  This semester I am often "on call" at the clinic, available for students and anyone, really, who might want to stop in for a chat, or to work together on a regular basis.  Already, gratefully, this is taking off and I have several regulars I meet with to "work on life".  Doing that, I find, requires me to "work on my own life and relationships", the quality of and time I make to spend with Peter, not just on the fly, or when we are brushing our teeth, LOL, or unplanned conversations in the shower, or lying awake together at night, in the dark, just sharing "life". . . .what we are feeling, thinking about, wondering about, things we are enjoying.  These night-time-in-the-dark-times are never for bitching or complaining, confronting: we do that in the clear light of day when our minds and emotions are fresh and clear:  our personal "business times".

Peter is enjoying his own med-surgical program, both classes, and hands-on at the clinic/offices.  He is becoming quite good at it and has learned a great deal which he puts into practice.  I'm impressed.
Of course, I've  been impressed with Peter for some time now. . .and it grows.

This year I am contracted for one Intro Psych class, three days a week.  I have one group, heavily male in make-up, a very inquisitive group of people: lots of questions and discussion, lot of ideas and interaction.  This is rewarding because it all just seems to happen naturally: I don't have to pull it out of them. . . .like the class period isn't long enough to cover all the irons in the fire so to speak; always a lot for next class.

So, friends, things are going well. . . .and I am quite happy with that.

Oh here's a curious photo. . . .I am not quite sure of the transaction
going on here. . . LOL

. . . .perhaps his ass goes to the highest bidder. . . .this shot was not taken during class time. . . not into auctions. . . ho ho ho

There'll be more to come. . . .that's for sure. . .no no ...not auctions
but happenings on JUSTIN'S  DUNES. . . .


Gary Kelly said...

Where has summer gone? When you're my vintage, JustinO, the question is where have the summers gone?

Anyway, the most important thing in life is to make all those summers count... and that's exactly what you're doing. Go JustinO!

As to the photo, I'm not sure who to congratulate... the performer or the photographer.

GreginAdelaide said...

Love reading your updates Justin. Thanks.

And....that's the second post in a row with rear end shots, glad to see you are "in" to butts, lol.

jimm said...

'unplanned conversations in the shower' - hmmm, i'd like to sit in on that! ;)

When i was a youngster thinking about going to college, psychology or some field helping people was in my thoughts. Especially in a field helping deaf/hearing-impaired kids.

There were several factors stopping me from pursuing this. But the one that stood out most was... if i can't help myself, how could i possibly help others?

And i think that same question occurred to you, Justin.

But, it never occurred to me that the course work would be more than an education.

JustinO'Shea said...

Interesting, jimm !
"Esp in a field helping deaf/hearing-impaired kids" : of course. excellent. I think.
Who says you couldn't possibly help others??? Only the fear of trying says that. It's nonsense. ;-)
If you really "acquire an education" it will change YOU. . .if you don't really "put it on and wear it" it is a miserable waste of time! If you do not, what's the point. "You can't give what you do not have."

What is stopping YOU, jimm, from doing that now. .acquire, 'put on and wear' and then give it to others? What possibly? ;-)

I have the impression you are doing that right now with an online psych program I suggested to you some months ago. . . .nonne?

Keep thinking about this, so well expressed: "But it never occurred to me that the course work would be more than an education." hmmm?

Why not run with it? ;-)

Coop said...

I, too, considered a career in psychology. But I'm not right for it.
Justin, I think you are, though. ;-)
How does all this relationship stuff stop being required/scheduled? (e.g. thou MUST share...)

you've been impressed with Peter for some time, so what exactly is doing the growing? teehee...

Gary Kelly said...

I think what JustinO is saying, Jimm, is rather than ask "if I can't help myself, how can I possible help others?" turn it around and say "the best way to start helping myself is by helping others."

I'm sure JustinO would agree that therapy for others is also therapy for thyself.

JustinO'Shea said...

Certamente! Total agreement, Gary and Jimm. . because I SEE that happening. . .that more I listen and work with others, the more involved I am with life. . MY life, Peter, students, friends, etc, the more I am learning. . .about life, others, and, in a way, the more I learn about myself. . .sometimes it happens, like from where I don't know, I come out with. say to another something that sounds totally brilliant and totally like. .daaaaahh.. obvious -that's the word. . and it opens the world within a bit more, I see/grasp more about living, loving, other-ness. . Know what I mean?
Hahahhaa. . .gawd, I talk too much!
ho ho ho. . .

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM said...
'unplanned conversations in the shower' - hmmm, i'd like to sit in on that! ;)

Hahhaaa. . .why just SIT IN. . .let's have one of our own! LOL

jimm said...

...would that be showers or conversations?!?! lol


JustinO'Shea said...

Your call.