Tuesday, September 18, 2012

College football player dumped for kissing boy-friend

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Speaking of average Joes, did anyone notice that story two days ago about the gay 18-year-old college football player in North Dakota who was cut from the team because his teammates saw him kissing his 65-year-old boyfriend? Sounds like there's no age discrimination in North Dakota.
Even the gay readers condemned the boyfriend as a child molester. 

AND this is one article about the matter. . . . 


I didn't find any comments from gay readers calling this "child molestation". . . .;-)

Any thoughts about this   "December - August" relationship ?

I'd suggesrt BatandGasToday do some editiorial spelling corrections. . . LOL 


J said...

The negative comments were on the reprinting of one of the stories in, I believe, Queerty. Most of them were along the lines of "Ewww", "creepy" and what's he doing with this old man, or what is this old man doing with him.

Gary Kelly said...

Some people find it impossible to accept sex between two males. (I won't include females because even homophobes I've met consider lesbian sex acceptable, and even titillating).

Some people find it impossible to accept intergenerational sex between two males. (I won't include intergenerational heterosexual sex because older men bonking younger women/girls has been practiced for thousands of years).

Some people find it impossible to accept anything that deviates from their own personal norm.

Some people aren't very bright.

Coop said...

I enjoyed the college fishing for excuses as to why they dumped the kid. LOL... could it be any more obvious. I bet that 10% of that football team envies that old guy.