Thursday, September 20, 2012

S I N . . . .. Read only if your heart can handle a bit more heart-ache. . . .



I received an email a few days ago from a filmmaker named Wajahat Ali Abbasi. He is currently trying to find funding for what sounds like a truly remarkable story that the world really needs to be aware of.  Inspired by a true story, 'Sin' is a feature film which will bring to life an emotional tale of a teenager who was killed by public hanging along with his partner in Iran because he was gay.

Videos and pictures of this sad incident were released online in July 2005, but the world forgot about it soon after.  Through this movie we will get to know this teenager's life, whose only crime was that he wanted to be accepted by his society, with his true identity.
Through this tragic story some important question will be addressed; Why some people who are in love don't have the same rights, as others? Is it just because they are different from what the world expects them to be?
There are no words in any language to adequately convey the level of sympathy, and body-crushing grief for someone losing their life because they are gay or lesbian.  Wajahat Ali Abbasi has a passion for thos project, and I believe that this film has the potential to open hearts and minds, which is the only way equality will become a reality.
To learn more about this project you can check it out on SIN'sKickstarter page.  There you can not only read about the project, but you can connect with the filmmaker and help fund the project.


You can become a backer in just three easy steps:
* Step 1: Read through the pledge levels and rewards we're offering in the right sidebar of the Kickstarter page.
* Step 2: Click the large, green "BACK THIS PROJECT" button to the right of the trailer video at the top of the Kickstarter page.
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Gary Kelly said...

Barbarism still exists in places like Iran because such tyrannical regimes remain entrenched in the ways of the Dark Ages and the "Wisdom of the Ancients".

Public executions are a brutal and inhuman attempt to rule by fear.

Closed minds refuse to accept enlightenment. They believe that evil is a threat that exists on the outside whereas the case is the reverse. An open mind has nothing to fear. A closed mind does.

Let's hope the movie does more than preach to the converted. It's not the converted who need to be convinced.

GreginAdelaide said...

...and what will happen when it is released?
More violent "protests" like we are all faced with right now?

There are days when I wished I was younger and would live to see more of the future...and there are days when I'm glad I'm on the wrong side of the middle of my life.....

Stew said...

I couldn't agree more with Gary here.

One thing I know though is things are changing, slowly. And it is my responsibility to represent the gay world in the best light that I can so that life might be a little better for those that come after me.