Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Richard sent this along. . . .

"Love is a song we all should sing. . ..

Save this for one of those days when you are terribly depressed. J




Thank you Richard. Boston College is very dear to me they accept everyone as they are, and
Gpd Bless them all. They show the Love that God gave to all OF US.
I have an email friend from Boston.
His Partner was in a tragic accident that left him A total parapalegic, 12yrs ago. He is taken on tours accross the country, talks on Bullying at Universities and Colleges- by the boys from BC. He has only slight use of hands. On
June 3rd, His Partner (firefighter-paramedic) his and team were
hit by a hit and run driver(on-duty) his hip was shattered, team partner's hip was twisted every
way possible, this happened on June 3, 2012. Asking for prayers for both of them. Thank You. Joe Galant

Stew said...

Too kewl!

Gary Kelly said...

Love does that to people ya know. Inhibition goes out the window.