Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Next Day

Well, well, well... .where did yesterday go to?!  That has a way of happening. . . .and there doesn't seem any stopping it. . . .Well, where was I?  Oh yes, a couple of weeks ago Peter and I headed back to school for graduation.  There were over 1700 undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded in one huge long graduation ceremony. . . Tradition, you know.

One that I chose to omit was getting all dressed up, as I had been invited to do, and walk in with the huge long line of faculty members. I might have, just to show off, IF there had been a hidden, unseen exit somewhere. . . .

Peter and I have a lot of friends who graduated that weekend and we wanted to be "there for them" and the various parties.  It was good to be there, see them, with them. . .cuz we do like them! ;-)
This is what it looked like. . . .we are sitting/standing way off to center left, way in the back.  See us?  LOL
"Hugeus mobbus congregavit in unum"  

Most of the time our together activities have been confined to the local scene.  I guess it is just plain good being home!  Yesterday temps got into the mid 90*s. . . HOT. . .close to broiling. We did spend some time at the beach. . ."away from the maddening crowds". . . .just to be out, exposed to  Mother Nature. . .and to anyone else who cared to gawk!  LOL

I was interrupted and didn't quite finish this but I shall post it "as is" with the promise and/or threat to post more. . .later. . . cheerios!



We happily accept your greetings and the cheerful news you give us.
O to be young again. I remember(or did I)the Southeaster Cruise from
Detroit to Buffalo. It was a CYO
Event and dancing on the card tables with 3 legs only. Got back
on the Bus and thought Niagara Falls was for the Birds. Won't say my Condition. But to be young again.
You and Peter are so Good together,
I know it will get Better, and Better.

Richard said...

Were you boys out on the dunes au natural again? :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Yep! ;-)

Stew said...

At long last, it's summer time. I don't want to hear you complaining about the heat. I've waited a long time to finally get my feet warm.

Be careful when exposing yourself out there, you'll get your parts cooked. And then it's no fun at all.

Radical Joe, I remember my mother talking about her cruise from Detroit to Buffalo with fond memories. If only they still did Great Lakes Cruises.

Anonymous said...

Stew, I think they finally burned that ship. That was 47yrs ago. Being I am 74, it is like a transpose.
I was still single. Since I left Detroit 39yrs ago. That has changed to no end. All 5 housed that I owned, have been burned down, even the beatutilful Brick
Flat. Seems like it never had to happen. Lived on east side.

JustinO'Shea said...

Urban renewal???

jimm said...

Great Lakes? I was up to Lake Ontario this evening. Perfect weather.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, hanging out at the beach is something JustinO and Peter take literally.

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho. . . .roflmsao !