G'day JustinO,
A week or so ago, a young bloke wrote me and told me how much he liked reading one of my stories about a surfing grommet with whom he very much identified. We've been emailing back and forth since then. Yesterday, he told me that he planned to come out to his folks about his sexuality. This morning, he told me how it went. I was very moved by what he had to say, and thought it might be useful to some of the Dunes bois. Here's an excerpt from my little mate's email.
It was great reading your letter. Thank you for answering. I told my parents. But before I told them I read a lot of information from the Trevor Project and other sites for me. It helped a lot. Plus, my parental units are also my Mommy and Daddy. Like my father told me any moron can be a father or a mother. Very few can be a Mom or Dad. I have the coolest parents.
So in a nut shell, I broke the news with tears. Not fake tears. I really cried a lot. Mostly I think because I was so so so scared. Actually I was shaking inside and out. Mom gave me a Visteril tablet to calm me down. It really put me asleep. Before I fell asleep I asked them for help. They like that, when you ask for help. I always get less punishment when I ask for help. But I did. I told them I didn't know why I get butterflies in my chest and boners anytime I see my best friend. They explained it to me. The told me that maybe I was gay and coming "into myself" whatever that means. I guess it means getting to know yourself. Like you said, Mom & Dad told me that my feelings of love and lust will probably change back and forth from girls and guys for a while. I told them that I was confused. I am. I hate that feeling sometimes when you think that you are okay and you are the driver--in charge of your own body and then you pop a boner in Biology class or start crying for no reason just because I found a dead bird or my bud wants to go to KFC with Brad and not me. It's weird.